In the October 2016 #EnergySketch you can expect to be beginning a new nine year stretch.

The theme this month is new beginnings.

Ones are always about fresh new starts and the one also represents self. What a great time it is to plant seeds based on who you truly area. Spend October finding out what you truly desire deep in your heart.

Go inside. Use your intuition and feel into the answers to these questions: 

  • What do I truly desire?
  • What do I want to manifest over the next many years?
  • What would make my heart sing? 

Develop a strong sense of self, focus on loving you and finding what’s beautiful to you. Be sure you take action toward the new you.

Be authentically you starting now and forever more. 

Wishing you a beautiful month.

October 2016 EnergySketch

Please do print a PDF of this #EnergySketch. Put it on your fridge or cork board – someplace where you’ll see it and refer to it often. Let it be your guide for this month.
The link to the PDF is here:  October 2016

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