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The law of attraction can set up many people for frustration. Rather than get discouraged uncover new strategies to amp up your ability to create the rich, rewarding life you really want.

Read on for this amazing story. This came to me unexpectedly the other day from a young woman on the other side of the world, literally, she lives in Thailand! Poor Alexandra couldn’t find the right place to live. Now, just for you, here is an absolutely FABULOUS testimonial of someone who got exactly what they were looking for, plus some.

Pay attention to what went wrong on her first try at manifesting housing. Then, notice her awareness and what she did to shift her point of manifestation. The results are astounding.

Maifest what you want


Just wanted to share a super exciting manifestation story that happened to me today. It looks kinda long but trust me it’s worth the read!

So I’ve been searching for a new apartment for a while now. I’m living in Thailand and it’s three of us living in a one bedroom apt- our roommate sleeps in the tiny living room/entry area. Not exactly private and with no living space. I always thought about it, kept thinking positive that I would eventually find the perfect one. But realized something I was doing wrong–I was using the word “eventually”. And what was a perfect house? Where? I was pretty desperate so I honestly didn’t think I cared..however I kept finding houses for rent but nothing I was looking for or wanted to live in. I realized I was lacking the little details needed to really manifest what I wanted.

So then I added to what I knew I wanted:
I wanted to find a place in 3-4 days, a house not far from town center, 5,000 baht a month or less, along with – hot water (mine currently has none and sometimes doesn’t have water) two bedroom with a dresser for our clothes (currently only have an elongated hanging rack and the floor lol ) – designed western style (not wood or one with a lot of openings to outside as many often do) nice location, a place behind the house for laundry, big living room with a couch (we have no furniture currently) a kitchen with an actual dining table (we eat on the floor thai style with a very small round table a foot off the ground)

Today was the 4th day.

I was trying to show a friend a house I loved but wasn’t really for doing so I got lost and drove down the wrong road, where I came across a beautiful house with a “For Rent” sign. I later went back and had my boyfriend call the Thai owners. Within five minutes we were able to get a tour inside. It had EVERYTHING I was looking for plus some! Western design (closed no openings in the ceiling or walls- a lot of windows with screens) MASSIVE living room with brand new tv/entertainment center and brand new large couch, two bedroom (with dressers in each, one even having a/c, both with windows) hot water with no water supply issues (hard to find here-many places run out during dry season), beautiful kitchen with a beautiful dining table that can seat six to eight, a private place outback for laundry, and though it is 8,000 baht/month- I never actually specified in my mind that I wanted the 5,000 baht to the TOTAL price. SO, I actually did get what I asked and repeated in my mind. It’s only a little under 3,000 baht per person with everything included-water, wifi, electric -the works! Which I will gladly take over what we have. It’s amazing, it’s everything I wanted, and we move in next week!! Thank you LOA!


COACHES NOTE on how to manifest:

WOW! It just goes to show how truly important those details are! By really drawing out everything she wanted, with all the details, she was placing her order with the universe.  The three basic steps are Align with a vision, get rid of those old beliefs holding you back, commit to the actions that will take you where you want to be. You WILL start to see that magic happen.

Thank you so much, Alexandra, for that great story!

brain-switch to manifesting new things in your life.

For those of you stuck in that mindset of “Yeah, that will never happen for me…” well NEWS FLASH- Snap out of it!

The law of attraction is alive and well in your life every day. Think about how far away you are from your goals, and you can practically feel the distance get further away. Or, set your detailed intentions and then let the magic of the universal energies pull you into your new life. Manifest a new yacht even! Anything is possible.

Alexandra did it, and so did Kate. Remember Kate? For those who don’t or missed that story, here it is again – Kate’s Success Story.

Anyone can use and master the Law of Attraction.

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