You have your own radio station in your head, it’s called YouTunes.

The power your voice has over your brain is incredible.


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Your mind and your brain, loves your voice. Your melodious voice has a special channel all it’s own, let’s call this channel YouTunes.

Your mind is tuned in all day long to your special YouTunes station. It’s heard you day after day, year after year and it listens to you like a well trained dog. And guess what? Whatever you say inside your head or outside via your spoken word, the mind must create. That is why creating a “Perfect Life” audio for your private YouTunes station is such a great manifesting tool.

Don’t be afraid of the time or the technology this will take. In a few short hours you’ll be ready with a mind-bending recording you can listen to over and over that will drive magical results as you remind your mind what to look for in the future.

You don’t need Google Play when you have YOU TUNES

The process of creating your own audio is simple.

Here is how you do it.

The first things you need to remember are my ABC’s of Change that I always recommend.

A, get in alignment with your vision, B figure out the beliefs that hold you back and C, create a plan for change and commit to it.

A is about setting up the vision for what you want to achieve.

Start by writing a basic statement such as: “I want to have a new car.”

Now get specific! A new car means nothing to the magical universe who is waiting to create your dream. It hears “a new car” and says “Well, that fifteen year old Ford Focus down the road with 200,000 miles on it and no bumper is new to her. Let’s get her that!”

Details matter. Turn your original statement into something like: “I want to have a late model red Nissan Juke with less than 40,000 miles on it.” Good work.

Next you’ll need to add a timeline.

“I want to have a late model red Nissan Juke with less than 40,000 miles on it by the end of this calendar year.”

There, now looking at that goal, how does it make you feel? Are you a bit excited? Can you see yourself bouncing in the driver’s seat because you’re so happy? Are your teeth drying out because you can’t stop smiling? Perfect. Add some emotion to the goal and make your statement in the present tense. “I am overjoyed with excitement and gratitude about the late model red Nissan Juke with less than 40,000 miles on it that arrives by the end of this calendar year. I am amazed at how easily and effortlessly it arrived!”

Fun, right?

Now add more details to expand the dream.

“I am overjoyed with excitement and gratitude about the late model red Nissan Juke with alloy wheels, a beige leather interior, Bose speaker system, moon roof, blue tooth, tinted windows, electronic windows and heated seats that has less than 40,000 miles on it. It’s spacious and rides like a dream. The cruise control is easy to use and the seats wrap themselves around my body like a blanket. It’s so comfortable. I am thrilled that it has  arrived before the end of this calendar year. The payments are easy to make — they’re so very affordable. I am amazed at how easily and effortlessly it arrived!”

Doesn’t that sound perfect to you? A dream come true?? That was a warm up exercise.

Now do this process for each area of your life.

Start with waking up and prepping for work. What is the goal around this and what is your mental, emotional and physical environment for that part of your day. Tell the details of prepping for work that include food, exercise, dressing, interacting.

Move through the work day. Who, what, where are you? How much money do you earn? How do you earn your money? What kind of clothes are you wearing? How do you interact? Think of all aspects you’d love to experience and write them into the work day.

Dream Big. Small dreams ain’t got no suction.  – S. Paige (thanks Rita!)

Ease into your evening routine and include all the juicy details of what your goal would be like each day. Does it involve dinner al fresco with wine? Do you always end with a spa bath, power walk or meditation? Whatever it is, include it here and write about it in juicy detail.
Go back and make the entire thing as though it’s live and happening right now. Start with “I am now…” or use words like “I feel so….” Make it current and alive with emotion. Your emotions are magnetic and your brain is falling in love with this story so make it rich, rich, rich with emotion.

The above post is your homework.


Get this part written out and dream on it. Think on it. Juice it up. Spice it up. Uplevel it some more. Your YouTunes station is almost ready.

Remember : Be in the now, and pay attention to what you tell yourself. Your mind is always tuned in. Have language awareness. 

Next week I’ll help you turn this into an audio track that will turn your brain into a goal achieving machine!

Part two of “Your YouTunes Station” is here.

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