Your own YouTunes station is getting dialed up

In the last blog post I gave you the homework of writing the juiciest details you can muster for your dream life. I asked that you start with a goal and then expand it, expand it and expand it some more with each writing you’d add more detail.

That was the hard part.

The next step is to read your dream aloud and ask “does this flow?” Find out where your sentences are too long or too hard to read. Decide if the adjectives are correct. Using fancy words is nice and certainly proves your intelligence, but is that how you speak every day? If it is, then grand, you’re done. However, if when you read this document of your dream it doesn’t include your own daily language then the entire thing will feel off.

Does your script read as though it’s current? Is it happening today. Example: “I am now….”  “Today I am…” “This is…”  Be sure it reads as though you are in the moment. Speaking of being current, find any mistakes in this area and correct them now.

I write words like “frickin'” and use words like “awesome”. I don’t say “abundance” at home, I typically say “more money”, so I use these kinds of words when I write to myself. Do the same. Use your normal every day language.

Check to see if there is enough emotion in your script. Do you get jazzed when you read your script and you feel the emotions bubble up inside of you? If so, you’re a great writer, can I hire you?

Make any adjustments to your writing at this step.

Next up: technology


Audacity has been my favorite free audio recording software. It works for Windows and Mac. Do a google search with the words “audacity audio recorder” and find the link to download the software. Just follow the steps on your computer screen.

Your voice, your desires = Your Success

Once it’s downloaded simply open the software and address the microphone issue. If you have a built in  microphone then set that in the Audacity controls. If you’ll plug in a mic, then do it now and set that in the controls.

Now have your script in front of you, press the green record button in the upper left part of the Audacity screen and let her rip. Stand up and read your script into your computer’s microphone. I say stand because we all produce stronger energy when we stand. So stand up and produce. Get into this reading of your perfect day. Get emotional and excited as you read. Make mistakes if you have to, don’t worry, just do your best and get this thing recorded.

Click the red button to stop the recording when you’re done.

That’s it, really. You can stop now and save the file as an MP3 or you can add background music. If you choose to add music you just go to Google again and type in “copyright free music”. Here you can locate sources for soft background music. Buy the music file and add it as a layer to the Audacity file you created. Just use the help section in Audacity to do this. It’s pretty easy to do.

Again, save your YouTunes file as “My Perfect Day” and then export it to your desk top, phone or tablet. Have your earbuds ready to loop this YouTunes station into your brain. After writing and recording this special message to your mind you’re about to lift off into an amazing new way of being. A great time to listen to your  new station is right as you fall asleep at night. Your unconscious mind will absorb this information at lightning speed. Your change is going to be outrageous.

Don’t be overwhelmed by this process. If you get worked up as you’re doing this little project simply use some EFT to move through the aggravation of learning a new skill like Audacity. It’s worth your time and effort.

Your mind is going to love to hear your expectations. This is you raising your vibration to an entirely new level. Congratulations on your new YouTunes station. Do this process as often as you need to. Each time your vision for yourself changes, create a new reel. Feeling blue, write what it means to feel happy, record it for a new station.

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