Eft for holiday stress relief.

Holiday stress can derail you if you let it. stress to successIf you’re noticing a tightness in your chest due to all the list making, shopping, wrapping, baking and socializing you have to do this December take a few minutes each day to tap on your holiday stress. EFT can help whisk away surface pains and ease you into feeling lighter about the holidays. The video below will guide you through a quick round of tapping.

To truly heal and help yourself have long lasting results remember to address all holiday triggers from years past.

This means you’ll want to reflect on past Christmases or Hanukahs and remember all the bad and sad times, create a targeted *HitList of stories that you can then tap about.

As an example, if you write down “Uncle Dave made fun of the Barbie doll I got” then you’d tap on the emotions you felt when Uncle Dave made fun of your doll. Did you feel embarrassed, angry, humiliated, saddened? Whatever the emotions were, address them with EFT. Do this process with every negative memory you have concerning the holidays. This will get to the root cause of your holiday stress once and for all.

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