As we go into a new year it’s time to Review & Renew again. I’m thinking it’s time for an emotional detox.

Isn’t it a great feeling to wipe the slate clean and begin again? I think so. I know you will enjoy the opportunity to review and renew. Invest time in this process. Today I’m offering you a few ideas for kicking off  2016.



This 2016, review and renew with my new 21 Day Emotional Detox.  Just click on the image above to check it out.

I believe we get great insights when we take the time to look at where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. I think it’s important to manage records of our path so that we remember that we’ve already dragged ourselves past the “terrible-awful” of life and into something much sweeter. Even though it may seem at times you haven’t come nearly as far as you wish you had, be willing to think twice. My guess is that as you look at this work, when we’re done here today, you’ll discover that you really had an amazing 2015 and with a little commitment you can spur yourself into an even better 2016. (or if you’re reading this now, for 2017)

Grab your favorite drink, a comfy chair, and some quiet time, let’s review together.

You’ll need pen and paper, so get hold of that before you sit down. And a drink, grab a warm drink, too.

Start by reviewing:

List your successes. I guarantee that you are doing way more than you thought. This list is something a friend suggested to me a couple of years ago. I found out right then, during that practice, that I had accomplished way more than I thought. Think hard and don’t overlook what you think is small, it could have way more value than you know. Did you move houses? Buy a car? Get a raise? Go vegan? Walk more often? Start writing a book? Volunteer regularly or irregularly? Whatever you did that offered your life increase is a success. Have your old calendar ready to see if you made any notes of appointments that might jog your memory. Go through by holiday and birthday and figure out where you made promises that you kept, when you signed up for a life-changing on-line course or when you first signed on with that amazing coach. Whatever it is, if it unleveled your life, count it. List it. Preserve it.
The Best Of… This is my favorite part of the exercise. For many years in a row during the week of the new year transition I list my ‘best of the year”. Some suggestions for your list:

  • man/woman of the year
  • Poignant moment
  • dining experience
  • Travel experience
  • Lesson learned
  • Movie
  • Book
  • Website
  • TV program
  • People you gained
  • People you lost (or released by choice)
  • News story

Each year I add or subtract one or two areas of interest that I want to remember. It is so powerful to review the last twelve months and pick out the special moments. To up level this process do it with a friend or family member. Some years I invite family over and we all do the Best Of list and share our answers. We laugh and we cry and we discover more about each other.

Word of the Year. Name it. Pick a word or a phrase that described your previous year. It may be a good word or it may be a painful word, just list it, acknowledge it and move on.

Rate it.  I used to avoid statistics like the plague! How wrong I was. Now I know the benefit of tracking where I’m at so that I can know how far I’ve come and I suggest you start doing this, too. First things first. Make a list of the major life areas:   health, wealth, emotional well being, your career, relationships, spirituality, and community. Just write those in a column down the side of a piece of paper. At the top of the paper write 2015 Score card. For each area that you listed rate yourself from -10 to +10.  the -10 to -1 area means you are down in the dumps, sad, fearful and needing lots of development. A score of zero means you feel absolutely nothing about this area, you’re neutral. A score of +1 to +10 means you’re feeling good to great about that specialized area.

You may find that you’re soaring through life in certain areas – good for you! However, what you want to look for are the weak spots. Where can you focus your development for the new year? Is your career leaving you at a -2? That means it’s time to really review, hone your skills and tighten up your resume, maybe even take classes before starting a job search. Is your health a +6 this means you’re doing great and probably don’t need to work in that area. Just figure out where you are at and know where you need to add some personal development in.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” Melody Beattie.

The second part of this work is in the Renew department.

Here you can get creative. This is a space where you renew your spirit by expanding your current desire or drafting a new dream.

pencil shavings and paper
Dear Fairy Godmother. Go ahead and write a letter to the lady wearing glitter who magically makes things in your life go smoother. Ask for anything and everything that you want to happen in the following twelve months. Take your time writing. Include detail and have lots of fun with it. Remember to hit all the important areas. In case you’ve forgotten what those areas are, I’ll list them. Include your health, wealth, emotional well being, your career, relationships, spirituality, and community.
Make a plan. List out each month and create a loose plan that you could use to guide your year. This is a no stress zone and you can play with it as much as you want. Include time for play and socialization as well as education, spirituality, and business. If you are locked into a career or job with a strict schedule that’s okay, too, but you do want to write in your vacations, some spa time, library time, friends visits, hobby time, rest time, book reading time, baseball games, kite flying and crafting. Whatever it is that is dear to you should be included in your plan.

Write some goals for the new year.  Don’t make the mistake of not having goals or of leaving them in your head. Your goals should be written down on paper and placed somewhere that they’ll have your attention. Based on the list of ratings you made in the Review process you know which areas need development so write some tangible goals down. Example: “I am applying for new work starting in February and have a terrific new job that I love by April 1, 2016.”  Always use present tense, have dates and emotions attached to the desire.
Word of the Year. Name it, I dare you! Pick a word that you will use to remind you of your purpose or plan for the year. My word going into 2012 was FLOW, but the word that best described my year ended up being “YAAAAY” because I ended up in my fairy tale farm house married to my Prince Charming in my fairy tale wedding. For 2015 it’s all about growing my business and my phrase is “More Me, More Fun”. I’m going back to my roots and letting more of my panties show. I’ll be speaking my Tam-speak and just allowing more of my natural silliness to shine alongside my wisdom. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will shift me forward.

Post the Renew portion of your work. Find a board (I use an artist’s canvas) and attach pictures from a magazine that represent your new year ahead. Write out the list in your loveliest handwriting , attach the calendar with your plan and place this vision board in an area where you’ll see it readily. A friend and colleague of  mine places the family wish board in their entry room for everyone to see. There is a lot of power in sharing your dreams and goals publicly. Imagine enrolling people in helping your dreams to come true. You never know who might have the next clue to your big dream so post your canvas of dreams and take it in regularly.

This process is really meaningful to you spirit. I hope you will take two or three hours to be with yourself in a big way. To sit and review your past and to recommit to a new year is time well spent.

I wish for you a 2016 be filled with Big Magic, More Miracles and Plenty o’ Money. See you next year!