3 Big Ways to Detox Your Mind & Allow More Magic into Your Life

Ahh, magic. It’s not rabbits being pulled from a hat or coins being pulled from behind ears.

Magic is that feeling of being in life’s flow. It’s that knowing that you’re on your way to greatness and the recognition that some imaginary something is pulling all obstacles out of your way and making things easy for you. Synchronicity if you believe in that, or call it coincidence if it’s more comfortable for you, is what I call magic; magic that leads you to an evolution of personal greatness.
But sometimes we get in the way of our own magic and we need a little detox to speed things along.

If you’re feeling foggy, confused, sad, scared you may not know it, but your mind is probably riddled with toxins that help you feel bogged down.smoothie-729923_640

Did you know your old memories are toxic to you? Well there’s nothing like a good detox to create the Big Shift you’ve waited for.

Your mind needs a major detox because the energetic charge in old memories keeps you in emotional states that are low such as: fear, depression, and sadness. In order to experience more joy, better health and of course, a rich and magical life, we need to first reprogram our minds to support this.

The three best ways to detox your mind, to detox the sludge of memories and pain that have stayed in your mind and affected your nervous system are as follows:

Step 1: Begin by asking better questions.

It sounds so simple but it is really easy to ignore.

Did you know that your brain and your mind are constantly answering questions without you even knowing it? It’s a relatively unconscious process. You get in your car to go to the market and your mind is answering “where is the car parked?” and “how do we start the engine?” and “how many feet do I need to back up in order to make a three point turn in the driveway”. It slips into “How hard do I press the brakes to slow down the vehicle?”, “How loud shall we play the radio?”, “how do I run the blinker, the steering wheel, gas pedal?’. There are millions of questions to be answered, and it’s happening with you knowing. Your unconscious mind has kicked into gear.

Now apply this to your life in general keeping in mind that the brain stores information in groups. It has batched common information into the brain. It generalizes, deletes and distorts all bits and pieces to fit into one of the batches to be sure the information is similar. So if you’re constantly dwelling on a successive string of failures that have occurred, the brain will resonate with all incoming information relative to failures and store them. It grows a thick file folder of propaganda against your dreams. It has all the answers to your questions that you ask. You query “How can I make more money?” and your brain says “You can’t. I have the proof right here in this file cabinet.” Or, “how can I lose weight and keep it off?” Again, your intelligent wonder of a mind says “No can do. The proof is in the pudding. File #1302 of your own brain.”

So how do you get around this? You ask better questions of yourself, very consciously!

“I wonder what it would be more successful? “ or “What would it take for me to be a healthier version of myself?” You don’t have a file with these answers, so your mind has to stretch and look for an appropriate response. As you inundate yourself with these fun style questions you break the old pattern and eventually have to throw away that old storage unit you were using in your mind. Ask:

  • How did I get so lucky?
    What else is possible for me?
    What would it take for me to step into a joy filled life?
    How can I experience more magic in my days?

Step 2 of the mind detox: Address old beliefs.

This is the bulk of your work. You need to find out what beliefs are holding you back.

Hint. Most of these beliefs are found in the hidden recesses of your mind.

They’re holding on with all they have and it’s up to you to identify them and delete them from your head space. You can start the process by listing on paper any known issues. If you know you are scared of making a lot of money because your neighbors were rich and mean. List it. If you know you believe losing weight is hard because you’ve tried and failed six already, list that. Write down what you know is in plain sight and then dig deep for the things that you don’t know but that may be implied.

Look at old patterns. Find out what your parents may have accidentally trained you in like: lack, poverty, health patterns, beliefs about how hard you have to work etc. Once you have a list of beliefs in place you have to clear the emotional charge that they carry.
Our emotions hold an energetic charge. These pulses of light affect our nervous system and bear fruit in the form of dis-ease, dis-comfort, dis-satisfaction. Mostly, our disrupted cells create illness. If you remove the uncomfortable energetic charge from a memory, you free up the body to move more naturally. In a way that produces health and longevity.

To clear the emotional charge of memories I use EFT or tapping. There are many, many other methods I share with my clients that create shifts, but EFT takes the physical charge out the fastest and creates shifts that are bigger which allows the freedom to slide into the next step of your mental detox.

Step 3: Get busy.

Seriously. Create a list and commit to action taking. Make a list of all of the actions you can take to move you toward your goal and do those things. If it’s making more money then what things can you do to help you make more money? You can read books, educate yourself in a new area, build a business, sell some things that you’re “over”, clean and clear out your environment to make room for new, richer things to come in. If you’re getting healthier, then what tasks will it take to get you healthier: throw away all junk good, buy low-fat cooking books, make a meal plan for the month, pull out your exercise machine, find an exercise partner.

This step is about creating a list of some real tasks that will move you into action. Your mind will detox itself of feeling sluggish and will feel the spark of movement you are creating. Soon it will be addicted to feeling good and wanting more of that!

The three steps above are a great start to allowing in more magic. With more magic comes a happier, healthier, wealthier you. Now wave your magic wand and begin your detox.

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