What is Woo Woo?

(and no, I’m not talking about the Waikiki Woo Woo drink)

Woo Woo definition – it’s basically another word for “forward thinking”.

At least that’s how I like to think of it. “Woo woo” should not be thought of as a derogatory term. It’s actually something to be proud of. To me, it’s a badge of honor. Go ahead, call me Woo Woo.

For those of you reading this and wondering what the heck Woo Woo even means, let me explain. Woo Woo is a slang term used to describe men and women who are spiritually aware, attuned to energy, new age, even psychic or esoteric in thought. It typically references those of us who love “checking in with our Higher Selves” or read tarot cards, consult with mediums or even hear voices in our head. It points to those of us who know there is an energy outside of ourselves and we refer to it. We use words like “Divine Beloved” or “Source” to refer to God.

Somehow Woo Woo became skewed. Eye rolls, sarcasm and whispering behind a hand as they point with their eyes at you has become normal. (Well, what’s normal, really?)


I want to take a minute to share my #1 reason why I think  Woo Woo is cool.

We are front runners for the new energy that is currently on this planet.

If you haven’t noticed, the vibration on the planet is raising. People everywhere are waking up to a deceptive government, corporations who put profit in front of people, schools that manipulate, teams that cheat and so on. Hey! Shift happens, right? Yes, shifts in energy shakes people/government/corporations up and brings them to their knees.

Old paradigms are breaking down. Foundations are folding in government, schools, politics, even in professional sports because the foundations they were built on were not based on love. There were either out and out lies, manipulated rules, or some layer of negativity was involved. It can’t hold up under the pressure of truth and love. And truth and love are what Woo Woo is all about.

Go ahead, if you’re Woo Woo feel free to think of yourself as a leader. Because of what you know or have come to believe about energy, the veil, nature, God, love you have the opportunity to share with others what you know about manipulating energy and creating your own reality. You get to share wisdom and knowledge with others, either ancient or newly channeled. You get to open other people’s eyes to the power of prayer, intention and the joy in simply being.

No more efforting, gang. Just be. Ask and receive, delete anything in it’s cosmic path.

So the new paradigm requires a bit of Woo Woo to manage the change. This means sharing with others the importance of:

  • understanding that we create our reality with our thoughts.
  • knowing that we can and do manipulate energy
  • trusting that our gut feelings and intuition are indeed messages from a higher source of energy
  • love is really all there is, anything else is an illusion

Woo Woo has been called “whacky”.  As I type the words I see the image in my mind of someone rolling their eyes as they spin their pointer finger near their temple indicating “She’s crazy!”. I’m down with that. I’m okay being me – a manager of my thoughts, a creator of my reality and I’m going to go full force into this energy bringing as many people as I can on this ride. The Woo Woo train is coming to town and for as many people as want to get on board, I’m all about it.

Raise your vibration now! Follow along with this quick, simple Tapping script.

I’ll talk love, energy, self-discipline, compassion, empathy and emotion regulation all day long. I’m Woo Woo and proud. I hope you are, too. Say it loud, say it proud “I Am Woo Woo”.

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