About those money habits of yours — Do you already have good money habits? OR are you looking for better money habits?

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of doing bad things for long periods of time especially when it comes to money and mindset. We get complacent in our thinking and we allow that inner voice to beat us down.

In this new energy we’re in we are empowered to choose bigger and better thoughts about our wallets, our wages our way of living. Don’t we all deserve a rich, rewarding life? I believe we do! If you find yourself among the “I have a dream but I don’t have a dime” crowd then I hope you’ll pay special attention to this post.

dollar signs

The Law of Attraction says that which we pay attention to expands and grows

so it’s imperative that we pay special attention to all of the negative self-talk that we hear about wealth. It’s really urgent that we shut down the inner movie screen when it’s replaying old scenes of emotional pain around money stories. For example, the time you didn’t get the big Christmas present you wanted because Mom and Dad just didn’t have the dough – that’s still lingering in your unconscious mind. The time someone stole $20 from your gym locker, it’s there, too. These old emotional pains keep your checkbook empty and your heart aching.

It’s even more important still that we stop talking about our CRAP! Conflict, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems (thank you John Assaraf for that amazing acronym!) Constantly dwelling on the looming bills or small numbers in your checking account are not going to help you overcome the BS, it’s only going to grow it. Your Belief System need to be clean as a whistle in order for you to begin the process of financial growth.

The more head space we give those negative thoughts the more likely we are to fail and then guess what we focus on? Yes, failure.

Well folks, I love you and want you to start breaking the bad habits that have kept you down. I want you to start thinking about the powerful new energy we live in. Grab it by the tail and run with it! It’s begging us to create our own realities and now it the time to wrangle the monkey in your mind, especially around your money.

dollar signs

If all this talk about your bank account has upset you and you feel like you’re done reading this blog forever then this is a great time to start tapping. You always want to bring up the heavy emotion, feel into it and then, when you’re all worked up and boiling over – start the process. Here is your tapping script for good money habits:

Right now start tapping this positive affirmation:

  • Top of head:  I’m really ready for big change and bigger paydays. I am committing to my own success right this minute. I am now ready for divine intervention in my money stories.
  • Between eyes:  I’m asking now to end the old money story.
  • Side of eye: I let go of all sadness, fear, anger, stuckness about my money.
  • Under eye: I release and let go of all this pent up frustration!
  • Collar bone: It’s safe for me to let this all go right now.

Grab your wrist, breathe in and breathe out deeply. Say the word “Peace.” Do another round.


  • Top of head:  This is the last time I ever have to feel this upset about my money. I’m really committing to a new way of thinking about my finances.
  • Between eyes:  I trust myself to get clear about my money.
  • Side of eye: I trust myself to have a rich, rewarding life.
  • Under eye: I trust myself to create big wealth.
  • Collar bone: It’s safe for me to be as rich as I want

Grab your wrist, breathe in and breathe out deeply. Say the word “Peace.” Do another round.

Do as many of round two as needed until you can feel a physical release in your body.


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