How to active your soul purpose

A recent conversation with young entrepreneur Cashmeira Williams led to a discussion about success, money, soul purpose and how to bring it all together. I’m so impressed with her willingness to be bold and put herself in the uncomfortable place of baring her soul to benefit other people. I invited her, as the co-founder of B.A.B.E., to write her thoughts on success and soul purpose. I hope you’ll find her story as refreshing as I do.

As you can see in recent celebrity events, you can be gorgeously beautiful, outrageously rich and also be deeply miserable.

Success is a polluted word. Its often times only seen as physical or material wealth. To break it down to the age old accepted sexual stereo types; a man’s bank account only needs to be over flowing, and a woman only needs to purchase a plump round behind, and plump puckered lips. And to the average American woman, this is the beginning of success. Which is a complete reversal from the social fad of the 80s and 90s, where we saw women creating businesses and seeking a deeper truth.


Money and an attractive physique are all very wonderful things to have on your side. But a warning: Your spirit needs to be at peace to be able to even enjoy the riches of this world.

Learning to balance your, mind, body, spirit AND finances is true success! And at the core of it all? Finding your gift!

Everyone has been given a talent unique to their own life experiences. The trick is finding out how to get your gift to work for you.

Most people are unhappy because they go to work day in and day out to pay the bills, which is a necessity.But all the while they are not using their God given gift, most times because they either do not see how it can benefit their lives or they aren’t aware of what it is.

My hope is to activate your soul, help you find your gift and live a life full of blessing!

I dig deep. Most everything I post about comes from my life. If I’m going through something, a part of me thinks that someone else may be, too. I want to inspire others to live fuller lives just as much as I want to do it for myself. It starts as spiritual therapy for me, and hopefully a revelation for you! That’s just one key to finding your gift, being real with yourself.

God showed me not too long ago that the part of me that I didn’t like, the sometimes quirky, say too much- wear my heart on my sleeve, ask too many questions part, is exactly how he intended me to be. Once I found that out, I began to make peace with it. These parts of me are also the parts that draws me to inspire people and also makes it fun. I may strike a cord with you, and you may not come back, or I may open you up to a place that you needed to see in order to grow.

Sometimes your gift isn’t exactly what you thought it may be. I have always enjoyed signing and writing music. My favorites were about inspiration and a higher consciousness. All those years, I thought I was destined to be a world renowned singer! But I found out later, that it was the words on the page that were full of gold. Like the articles I write now, my songs were just as much for me as they were for others.

Coming to the center of your true self, opens you up to the greater possibilities of who you can become.

Really find your center and discover a new you full of clarity and confidence with my New Emotional Detox Program. This program is designed to cleanse your mind of all toxic thought patterns that are preventing you from reaching your FULL potential. Find and reach all your goals.

Inspiring women to be conscious of their greatness is my goal. In the deepest part of me I know that none of us were born to live ordinary lives. God made each of us unique and we should feel free to let go of what society says we should be and live boldly #untamed!

This is why I co-founded B.A.B.E ltd. I was tired of trying to fit in this small, ever changing box that the world puts us in. I just knew that God made me unique for a purpose. What started with the acceptance of my natural kinky curly hair, has transformed into a real journey of self consciousness. I have found that I do have something to offer the world. And so do you! Something that can only come from your talents and your life experience.

At B.A.B.E. we aim to help you discover your soul purpose, while feeding your spirit the nutrients it needs in order to grow and shield negativity. We believe in creating a community of women who are willing to help each other reach their full potential… And do it with elegance and style.

If you are feeling a tugging at your heart, telling you that it’s time to make a change, or your spirit is whispering for more, then we at B.A.B.E. would like to help you take those steps to realizing your soul purpose!


cashmeira williamsCashmeira Williams along with Porsacha Andirans are co-owners of B.A.B.E Ltd, an inspirational lifestyle brand that strives to help women of all types find their unique purpose and live without limits. Highlighting their natural and #UNTAMED beauty! For more information please visit