How & why you should count your chickens before they hatch.

This fun article is actually an email written to me by a dear friend, Rita. Rita is a rare bird, not a chicken, but a rare bird. Currently in her early 70’s she is joyfully playing the game of finding herself. She has dug into her past and unburied treasures of CRAP (Conflict/Resistance/Anxiety/Problems). She continues to do this work most days in between running team-building exercises at a local rope-climbing course. She’s already conquered many mountainsides, so what’s a rope-climbing course got on her? Nothing.

Beyond those talents listed above Rita has a YOU-nique way with words and analogy.

She takes personal responsibility for her life and when she’s stuck, she reaches out. When she’s celebratory she texts me a long “Whooo hooo, call me, Sistah! I’ve got a WIN.” And then I call, we cluck like the hens we are, and go about our days.


Rita has got it going on. When I read this email from her I knew I had to share it.

Morning musings found me recalling — note that word — an aphorism from my childhood: “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Anyone else get fed that line?
Here’s my now understanding:  “We are all best served by counting the chickens we’d love to see hatching, counting them frequently, joyously and with absolute knowing that those chickens are hatching, right here, right now. Some of those eggs may take longer to hatch, but hatch they will.
But… I can impede, delay and interfere,even stop that hatching, by taking them out of the nest and the necessary heat they need for perfect hatching. When I fall into the trap of not counting them, faith and belief, I’m blocking my own chickens, the ones I say I want to hatch.
I have been having great fun this morning counting my chickens, knowing they are hatching and hatching faster, with greater ease than ever, because this is my mission, should I choose to accept it. They are being lovingly, joyously and gratefully counted right here, right now.
Those chickens will grow up to lay golden eggs for me because that is their intention. I am honoring their intention and mine. Love how the word intent has a double meaning. Intention meaning my choice. Intent being focused. So, I am counting my chickens, knowing they will hatch!!!!!!

Is there a potential for roosters in some of those eggs? Oh, I hope so! They won’t provide eggs, but they will fertilize them so I get an onglowing (typo there: onglowing is what I sort of wrote and I really like that idea) ongoing and multiplying productive eggs.

hatching baby chickens
And, those roosters look so beautiful strutting around my barnyard! And, furthermore, those roosters, wake me up!
It also occurs to me that farm women had their egg money, their own independent supply of cash. Hot eggs!!
I am asking you, my blessed, beloved egg hatcher to help me. If you catch me, or even suspect you are catching me, NOT counting my chickens, in whatever state of development they now exist in, call me out! Remind me to be intent on those lovely, wonderful, productive eggs growing and hatching perfectly. Remind me to not mess with the nest by slipping into the old, not-so-functional belief of “Don’t count your chickens…”

If you’re hatching big dreams, no matter your age, like Rita here, don’t be afraid to use these basic steps to dream building:

  • sit on the eggs,
  • find other hens to share with
  • and be the best egg hatcher ever
  • Deal with the roosters and
  • Have an on-glowing relationship with yourself, the very best version of yourself possible.

I will pray you count your chickens before the hatch. If you’d like to share your excitement about any eggs your laying feel free to contact Miss Rita Losee at She’ll be glad to hear from you.

Tell me what dreams you’re hatching. Reply here! If you don’t know how what you want or how to get there, contact me on my FB page. Let’s book a time together.