Rudy’s Challenge. A food for thought story.

Rudy is a kind guy. He’s genuinely nice and of gentle spirit. Generous with his time and empathetic of others, he has given his life to helping children without solid opportunity. Rudy wants to help little people with hand up (not a hand out).

I met Rudy this past winter through the VIP (my husband) who recognized that Rudy could use our help. Soon, a dinner engagement was had and I was knee deep in Rudy’s Challenge. All ideas and networking connections, Rudy discussed at length his vision for a massive event to raise money for the children he wants to assist. He mentioned big names and bigger agencies.

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Food for thought: Are your words working for you or against you?

He spoke often of his past as an underprivileged child of an unwed mother. He and his four siblings had to scrounge for everything. Rudy highlighted often his current situation of house hopping due to a fire that destroyed his home and would-be non-profit organization’s office building.

Rudy referred often to his main fundraising event, aptly named “Rudy’s Challenge”. Granted, it’s a sporting event however, he’s been trying to get this project off the ground for three years.



“Rudy’s C H A L L E N G E”.

I hope you can see the importance of what’s gone on here. Your language is either supporting you in your life mission or it’s destroying you in your life mission. It’s lifting you up or it’s dragging you down.

For those of you who are saying “No, just because he named his project “Rudy’s Challenge” doesn’t mean that’s why he can’t get it going. There is more to it than that. There is the economy, local business, bad luck (yes a lightning strike is bad luck) and other circumstances. Poor Rudy!” I agree, Poor Rudy, but you know what? Ultimately we alone are responsible for our results. I want to challenge you to think about this.

Our brains are directly wired to listen to our voice.

Our vibrations, as thrown forth by our voice, resonates in our brain and gives direction. How many times has Rudy mentioned “Rudy’s Challenge” in the last three years? Let me assure you, multiple times a day he uses that phrase. It’s his passion. He nearly shouts when he talks about “his Challenge.” He fully claims it is his challenge. He uses the word “my” when describing it.

Guess what? And folks, and this is only my BS (that’s Belief System, for you newbies), I believe that he’s called it his challenge often enough that that is exactly what he’s created….a lackluster volunteer crew (non-existent is a better word), half-hearted sponsors who don’t fully participate and little to know forward movement. This is a challenge in the real sense of the word when you think about his desire to help young kids who need it.

He desperately wants to grow his dream and his language is keeping him from doing it, but he’s got a challenge ahead of him.

I offer you this food for thought. Don’t let your words wipe out your potential. I challenge you to catch any negative words before they escape you. Suck in the “I am ok” and replace it with “I’m doing exceptionally well.” Pull back the “This stuff is hard to do” and replace it with “I’m finding easy ways to make things happen.”

Language is either good medicine or bad, just don’t make it a challenge.

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