Ready for a rich rewarding life? Don’t stay stuck. Follow along with this EFT tapping script, “Delicious This.”

The other night at one of my free local workshops introducing tapping, I began speaking about Abraham-Hicks. “Do you know about Abraham-Hicks?” I asked. Most of the room knew of the channeled energy of Abraham by the lovely woman Ester Hicks.

I hadn’t offered information about A-H publicly in a long time and I enjoyed a flashback in my mind of how often I used to use this Tapping Prayer. When I would find myself sad (a former life-theme for me) this is the prayer I’d use to pull myself up and out of the doldrums. The words are by Abraham, spoken by Ester and put into a tapping form, by me.

Remember, your goal is to always be pulsing above a five.

If one through four are fear, depression, sadness, anger (and the like), five is neutral, and anything over five is gravy –a life of bliss, joy, curiosity and hope.


Orange peace handThe Delicious This Tapping Prayer is one you can use when you recognize that you’re not feeling so hot. You recognize frustration, sadness, fear or even pain. Do this tapping as you speak the words aloud. Speak them from your heart. Be boisterous and insistent. Tap with gusto. Speak with ownership. Remember, you are directly talking to your unconscious mind which is always taking your direction. Be the CEO of your life (that’s Chief Everything Officer) and trust that everything is here for you, right now.

Here’s your Tapping Prayer:

TOP OF HEAD:   I don’t have to go where I don’t want to be to get to where I do want to be.

EYEBROW: I can go from where I am, to where I want to be.

SIDE OF EYE:     I release responsibility and I live happily ever after.

UNDER EYE:     I shorten every crevasse to now, now, now, now, now.

COLLARBONE:    I ride the wave and pluck the fruit. I skip across the top of things and just pluck the fruit.

TOP OF HEAD:     Oh fruit of life, Delicious this. Delicious this. Delicious this.

EYEBROW:     It’s all right here for me, right now.

SIDE OF EYE:    I am ready and willing to receive all that I want, right now.

UNDER EYE:     I am letting it all in

COLLARBONE:     And I trust that it is here for me, right now.

Grab your wrist, breathe in, breathe out, say the word “PEACE”.


Follow along with me as we tap along together to this tapping script in my Youtube Video – Raise your Vibration – with Tapping!

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