Get your mind, body and spirit back on the same page with 4 easy solutions to help you stop being out of alignment.

But first, let me fill you in on the event that inspired me to share this with you.

I was returning from a short jaunt to the garden when I heard “Hey…” It was that sweet voice from the upstairs neighbor, she was laying on the roof of my porch. It was a convenient escape from her bedroom window and the sun was teasing her to warm up. “Got a minute?” she asked. Hands dirty from the soil, I clapped them together to take off some loose soil and offered my attention.

“What’s up, African Queen?” I teased. My neighbor had announced earlier in the week that Africa was gnawing at her soul, calling to her to visit and she was going to make a very impromptu trip for volunteer work in Ghana.

We made small talk before she dug into the real issue.

“Oh, well, I don’t know. Can I ask you something?” I nodded. “How do you get back into alignment? I feel sort of out-of-body. I can’t believe the experiences that I’m having are real or are mine. I don’t know if I believe I’m good enough or smart enough. I get that I am out of alignment with … with … myself I guess. I don’t know what to do.

Well there. Twenty something years old and doing some deep thinking, my neighbor is an old soul fighting for breath. Years of counseling was not shifting her and she was finally seeing that for what it was, a regular crab session with no real healing. She is ready for deep change.

We had a twenty minute conversation around this topic and I recognized the value in the discussion.

Thought I’d offer the top 4 solutions I covered with my African Queen, to get her to stop being out of alignment.

  1. I let her know that life always comes down to the ABC’s. Align with a vision, discover the beliefs that hold you back and create a plan, because she mostly has her vision in place we talked more about her beliefs and her lack of strategies for creating change.
  2. I suggested to my young Queen that she begin each day with a structured list of things to do to begin the process of interrupting her current thought patterns. She admitted to a lack of self-worth and absolutely no happiness. She said her entire life, all twenty some-odd years, had been stressful and that she didn’t know anything else.
  3. I offered her a plan. We talked about creating new beliefs by handwriting an affirmation, using EFT to disrupt the energetic pattern and then doing some mirror work.
  4. Lastly, a reminder: “Nothing changes until you do, Madame Queen.” Maybe less headphones blaring music and more meditation? ( Or, maybe not, it’s her choice.)

This young lady is so much more powerful than she knows. She’s doing the work at a young age and will be a real force to be reckoned with in no time at all if she opts to keep a plan in place and do the actions required. Nobody needs to own their old story. At some point the old story is just that, a fairy tale or a bad movie that you’ve watched too many times. Change the channel, listen to a new ditty and bring in some powerful new habits.

If you’re recognizing that you’re “out of alignment” and want an accountability partner and a rocking plan for change, email me for your FREE clarity/strategy/action session. Let’s develop a plan for change.

In this video below I talk about the ABC’s of change and how to get back into alignment.