Feeling angry, upset, anxious or depressed? Start tapping for peace and experience healing both mentally and physically…yes PHYSICALLY.

Rebecca revealed to me that she had been dealing with some high level anger.

Her sad story involved a grandchild that was being withheld from her by one of the child’s parents. Her heart was breaking with sadness for the loss of a child she could never know and she was angry beyond words with the adult who couldn’t see the love she was offering. The situation had come to terrible blows and the residual pain was now driving Rebecca mad. peek a boo

Each day as she made her 45 minute drive to work she would relive the story. The arguments came alive, the resentment and pain bubbled to the surface and she’d find herself wiping away tears, clenching her jaw and sending negative energy pulsing through her body. She was exhausted by it and didn’t know how to stop her cycle.

Enter Tapping.

A short lesson on how the mind works, how emotions affect us physically and mentally, then a quick rundown on the acupressure points, the language to use, and precisely how to tap and Rebecca was sent on her way.

I checked in with her periodically. “How’s it going?” I’d ask. “I’m tapping every day, Tam. It’s almost meditative. I feel really peaceful,” was her response.

A few weeks later I checked with her again. “Rebecca, let’s talk about your progress with tapping. What are you feeling now?”

A lengthy discussion ensued. Rebecca tells me she is feeling much better about her situation. Discovering that her mind was like a video recorder playing a bad movie over and over was a real eye-opener for her. She suddenly could acknowledge that by rethinking the old negative story about her grandchild was keeping her in a painful loop of destruction. She knew that she could never heal for as long as she kept that memory alive. The tapping was interrupting her pattern and softening the entire thing. She repeated “It all makes so much sense to me now!” She used tapping to bring her back to a place of inner peace and in doing so, not only did she experience a positive mental shift, but created opportunity for physical healing.

As our dialogue progressed I helped her connect the dots about something else…

“How is that bad foot of yours?” I inquired of my friend.

“You know,” she thought “I just was telling my husband it’s like it’s gone to that next level of healing.”foot

I smiled to myself over that. Eighteen months prior Rebecca had broken a bone in her foot. This was just about the time that she was in the middle of her painful trials concerning the grandchild. The bone fracture happened out of the blue. She said she had absolutely no idea why her foot had broken, it had simply let go. She had put it to bad luck and then engaged in the setting of the bone and a deep, painful limp.

I asked her if at the time of the situation she had felt like “she just couldn’t stand it”, the unfairness, the sadness, grief, and loss. “Did you want to stomp your feet in anger? Were you just unable to STAND for it??”

“Oh, I absolutely felt that way!” she demanded.

“What part of your body do you use to stand on?” I encouraged her to work this out on her own.

“My … feet.”  This answer came slowly. “I stand on my feet.”

And boom, the dots connect. Her emotional energy of anger had to go somewhere in the body. The emotion always correlates to a body part. Rebecca’s inability to “stand” for the injustice being done to her was built up in the energy of her feet. Her sudden, out of the blue, bone break in her foot could have been, and probably was, the result of her built up anger.

By clearing her anger with tapping, she was allowing her foot to heal.

Now mind you, dear readers, this is my BS.

My Belief System says our natural state of health is always directly related to our emotional health. Rebecca’s situation parallels my thinking. Western medicine may look for an outside reason for our health issues, but I believe that everything begins from the inside at a cellular level. (If you’d like to understand more about this line of thinking, research Louise Hay, her work in this field is outstanding!)

It was eye-opening for Rebecca to acknowledge that she had very recently taken her healing of her foot up a notch at a time when she had recently started tapping to disrupt the anger coursing through her veins.

Having made such incredible strides, I then introduced Rebecca to her next level of healing, an added tapping feature that I asked her to incorporate. I anxiously anticipate her telling me her foot is completely healed.

Remarkable? Yep, yep.

Magical? Indeed.

Powerful? I believe it is.

Now allow Rebecca’s story sink into your unconscious mind. Think about how your own stories of pain, sadness, grief, injustice are harming your own body, your very own health.

Choose to take your health and your happiness to a new level. Learn #Tapping with me.

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