Have you ever gotten asked a question that just makes you smile not because the question is funny, but because it’s just a darn good question that you wish more people would ask?

Well, one Saturday morning I got, that smile…over and over again. I  opened my e-mail and in my inbox was a pleasant surprise, a message from a young woman named Kate. Enclosed were questions she had about  the Law of Attraction that were just absolutely awesome! I was so thrilled to see her digging deeper into the meaning of the LOA and sincerely wanting to apply the law to her everyday living, to create positive change in her thought process – to get what she wanted out of life!



Dear Tam,

I’m continuing to work on channeling the law of attraction deliberately into my life and I have a few questions that I’m hoping you can help me with.

I have done a lot in the past month to make certain my faith in the law of attraction is strong, which I feel great about. I’ve been able to see how it has impacted my life and everything around me, but I am only now getting to the point where I wish to focus on creative visualization and deliberate manifestation. This first thing I have asked for is a particular quarter I intend to find on the ground.

What I perceive as the most intent thought I wish to manifest is a very specific person and circumstance I desire. I understand the LOA does not recognize ‘big’ or ‘small’ desires. My question here is: how specific or detailed am I able to be, or does the law of attraction better respond to characteristics rather than one person in the world (someone ‘like’ this person)? I am also setting a date for this to happen by, my 25th birthday. Along the same lines, is this overly expectant of me? What can I do (like the earlier questions) to ensure my entire mind, body, and soul believe this is reality?

What methods you have found work well for you to follow the cycle of manifestation?

For example, do you simply focus intently on your desires; do you use a vision board; do you write your affirmations? What suggestions do you have for me to incorporate these practices into a busy life?

I understand the way the law of attraction works is by responding to my subconscious. If I recognize that my subconscious is not on the same frequency and wish to shift this to full faith and even getting to the point when this is completely automatic (which I imagine is what the true subconscious), what are ways I might be able to do this? For example, this quarter I am intending to find, how do I go about my day/life without always wondering when I might find this quarter or wondering how it might happen?

Thank you for all your help-


Do you find yourself asking the same thinker questions like Kate?

 “Am I asking for too much?”

“How does the law of attraction really work?”

“Am I specific enough in what I want?”

 “How do I train my unconscious mind to become part of my conscious mind?”

“If I’m trying to manifest something and visualize it, how do I get what I want without obsessing over it?”

“How do I rid the negative -what ifs- like ‘What if I don’t’ ‘What if it doesn’t’ ‘What if I can’t’,  ‘What if it can’t?”

Our mind is geared towards mainly remembering the negative to protect itself so you don’t do it again, but you CAN train your thoughts, your energy, to cut out the “what if’s”.

Be on the look out because in the next blog I respond to Kate and answer all her amazing questions!

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