Warm up with self-love.

Ahhh – February, the month of cold weather, warm sweaters and hot drinks. Add to that shovels, board games and something we all need more of:  Self-Love.

heart in the snow

This month on my FaceBook account and here I will be discussing having self-love and how falling in love with you is one of the best things you could possibly do in 2015. After all, if you don’t love you then how can you expect others to?

Finding self-love can be a long hard road. I remember the days when I felt small, plain, and not enough. I used to badger myself with “too boyish”, “too unattractive”, “too set in my ways”, “too uneducated” and a whole other plethora of ugly words were hurled at myself in the mirror or sometimes just in my head. My inner me really was my enemy.

Lack of self-love was destructive and kept me under my own thumb.

It really required some deep contemplation in order for me to quiet the voice and look at myself with what I call “the soft eye”. Since falling in love with my height and weight, my “textured” skin, crooked smile and big hair I have found power, strength and a sense of ownership of my quirkiness. With power and strength firmly planted inside of me I now am free to make decisions from a new perspective.

If this all feels a bit too familiar to you and it’s time for you to learn to love yourself you’ll enjoy following myself and some colleagues on FaceBook and Twitter. Simply search the hashtag #SelfLoveFest.

In the meantime, start your own journey to self-love with these 3 how to have self love, jump-starters:

  • Mirror work. Go ahead and look in the mirror and make eye-contact with yourself. What do you see there? Make a mental note of what’s beautiful about your face and body.
  • Inventory. It’s so easy to forget what we’re good at. Take a personal inventory of your skills and talents. Go ahead, write down that you make the best homemade bread this side of France, list your gardening skills, phone skills, creative talents and anything that you are truly great at.
  • Personality points. God gave us unique traits. What are yours? I am told I’m “sparkly”, witty, high-energy, and magnetic. I’m proud of those things. What compliments do you hear about yourself that involve your personality? List them and the look at them – absorb these ideas about yourself. Wow. It sure feels good to be you!

This newly compiled list of beauty, skills, talents and personality are all you. You can feel safe in owning all of these parts and pieces and integrating them into your being. You’ll feel good when you do. It’s all part of good #SelfLove.

Tap for Self-Love

If you’re a tapper and like my 5 & up tapping (5 & up meaning you like tapping in positive energies, any feeling resonating above a 5) you can try this tapping script:

Top of head: I’m learning to love myself! I’m excited to love myself. I love myself exactly as I am!

Eyebrow: Self love feels good,

Side of eye: and I deserve to feel loved.

Under eye: I’m learning to love on me!

Collarbone: I release and let go anything less than love.

Top of head: Self love is good love.

Eyebrow: Self love feels good,

Side of eye: I love myself even more right now.

Under eye:  and even more still.

Collarbone: I am letting in a lot of love for me and it really feels great!

Grab your wrist, breathe in and out deeply, say “Peace”.

Love this tapping script? Great! Feel free to use it daily and share it with everyone you can. The more people that love themselves, the better. Don’t forget to write your best self love tips and hashtag them with #SelfLoveFest