Make this Winter count and beat those Winter blues.

Winter can be a depressing time of year if you let it. The question is, why would you let it be anything but a great time to rejuvenate. Much like the resting perennials asleep under the snow and cold, you too can use the winter as a time for going inward to create plans for a remarkable new year.

heart in snow

6 ways to beat the Winter blues make this season your best ever:

  • 1.  Review and renew. Use the quiet time in the winter months to truly dig deep and reflect on the previous twelve months. Ask yourself pertinent questions like: “Where did I misstep?” and “Where did I step boldly?”. “What new attitudes helped me,” and “What old BS held me back?” Once the review process is complete, renew your commitment to old goals that need completion as well as setting your sights on terrific new desires. Above all, create a long list of the wins you had for the previous year. Small things like finally eliminating that junk from the hall closet to signing that big contract count as wins. New hairstyle? Win! Learned to cook a new recipe: WIN! Dig deep and make a nice long list then tuck it into your journal for future reference.
  • 2.  Increase results by slowing down. This is one I need to keep reminding myself of… as soon as you learn to slow down and go at a slower pace, the ideas and creative spark come in, winter is a great time to slow down. When you learn to relish each and every step of the way it seems the #joyfactor gets higher and higher. Having a high production level is wonderful, but having a level of happiness that is off the charts is truly what good living is all about.
  • 3.  Savoring is sweet. This tip isn’t about the crockpot! Winter is a good time for you to check out your nest and enjoy it. The nook where you eat breakfast may need a good cleansing or refreshing, do it, and then enjoy the fresh new look. Your alter, where you pray may appreciate your quality time readjusting the stones, prayer books, flowers and symbols you have there. Remember that your outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Savor the symbols of a life well lived by smiling upon them and taking good care of them during the slower months.
  • 4.  Expand your mind. Read good books. The cold months sometimes force us indoors for days on end. Be sure to have a stash of both personal development books as well as books that entertain your mind. My current reads are “The Book Thief” and “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”. I spend time with both of them daily and know that my brain is engaged in a worthwhile pastime.
  • 5.  Attract alliances. For the times when a cup of coffee alone seems like a drag, go ahead and reach out to like-minded people. Begin to attend networking meetings within your genre. If it’s hobby farming, find other farmers, if it’s solo-preneurship, find other business people, singles, couples, ski clubs and more, it’s all available to you once you take the time to seek it.
  • 6.  BONUS: Move. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a slug. Move daily even if it’s just doing reps on the staircase. Go ahead out into the cold brisk sunshine. Breathe in the fresh air and keep your body moving, it will thank you when spring comes and you’re already in a pretty good condition.

“Now let us welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been.”  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

The early months of a new year don’t have to be dreadful and cold. Count them as a time of deep personal growth. Go ahead and do your regular tasks, but go at them with an easy pace. Step lightly and with courage into each new day. If the turkeys get you down, you can always choose a new way of thinking or being. The key is not to stay in a low vibrational condition. You need to always aiming for a better emotion than the one you’re currently at.

As we enter this new year, I wish you increased personal power, attractive opportunities and expanded finances.

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