Reserve your place on the ladder of success today.

Success is subjective, isn’t it? We each have a unique idea of what the requirements are. A fifty cent raise may put one person over the moon with pride yet it may take a fifty thousand dollar raise for someone else’s. Six days straight that include meditation or six months? Six less cigarettes per day or six packs less per week? How you measure your success is completely up to you.

X Failure, and get success

The key to success is in knowing your goal and aiming at it.

Look at the five areas of your life: health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and career, and reserve a rung on the ladder of success by benchmarking with numbers that move you towards something. Answer the question: “How will I know when I have arrived at my goal?” This is your benchmark.

(REMINDER: set goals with forward motion such as “I will be ten pounds thinner than last month” not “I will eat less fried foods and less sugar.” The latter moves you away from while the first moves you toward something. Always have your goals move you toward something!)

Align with a vision of success.

Having something to align with is key. It’s the first step in the ABC’s of success.

  • Align
  • Believe something better
  • Create a plan

If you’re ready to RSVP for success, I applaud you. Feel free to share your vision with other people. Enroll them in your dream and garner their support. It will serve you well.

Need tools to help you with this? Try this book, or this book, or a laser coaching session.