Stop the self-sacrifice.

Self sacrifice can sometimes do more damage than good. Because our beliefs are formed at an early age, often before we are consciously aware we are being formed, traveling back in time to meet with that little boy or girl, can be a transforming moment. Not sure what I’m getting at?  Just continue reading.

The following true story involves a recent client of mine and how she stopped the self-sacrifice. I’ve hidden her identity by just using a letter in place of her real name.

R called my number and left a voice mail. There was a sense of urgency about my ability to call her back, so I picked up my cell phone and returned her call right away.


“R, how can I help you? Are you okay?” I asked.

“I am more than okay,” she enthused. “I nailed it! I finally nailed it” was her surprising comeback.

Not fully understanding my client yet, I prodded her to continue. What she disclosed was a remarkable personal breakthrough. During her morning tapping routine, with her target that day being “self-sacrifice” the little girl that she used to be flashed through her inner movie screen. The little girl was upset about having given up so much to her family obligations. R recognized the child’s pain and proceeded to have a beautiful verbal exchange honoring the young lady’s strength and fortitude in the face of poverty, sadness and high expectations. My typically tough-as-nails client was weeping with a combination of relief and joy as she shared her morning experience.

As I supported her joy with encouragement I also suggested she offer the little child a new spiritual role in her life. “Why not ask her to rewrite her contract with you. She, and you, no longer have to self-sacrifice. Contract now for strength. Let her be your inner cheerleader supporting your choices – no matter what they are.” Was my suggestion. R thought that was a fine idea and knew that the girl would love a sharp cheering skirt, too!

To complete the story,

R expressed later in the day that her sister called needing help with their elderly mother. It meant that a tri-state drive would be in order for R to help out. Without blinking she declined and asked her sister to please phone one of the many other siblings who lived closer who might help. It was a true example of no longer needing to self-sacrifice.

“Do you see how quickly the Universe challenged your release of the self-sacrifice energy?” I asked.

“Oh! Wow. I hadn’t thought of it,” she replied.

“You immediately had the opportunity to stand in your power and say no to something that would have been a huge inconvenience. And you did it, you owned the release of that energy!”

R peeled another layer of her story off. She claims today that she feels lighter and freer. She continues to tap as part of her daily morning routine.

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