I am constantly amazed by the wisdom of my peers. This week as I was perusing the throng of emails in my inbox I came across this gem by a new colleague of mine, Sandy McDougall (www.themavericksedge.com). Sandy McDougall took five weeks this summer to expand herself and her business. I was one of the lucky people who had a chance to host her for a meal at my house. I found her to be kind, warm, respectful and above average in generosity of spirit. The night we shared dinner she took me through her Maverick method of re-thinking and gave me the opportunity to experience her work. It was powerful. She is powerful.

But that isn’t the reason I asked her if I could share this post with my tribe.

This week as I read this short article Sandy wrote about self-care something inside me stirred. My intuitive listening and the physical response to her words meant that I needed to pay attention, the information was something I needed to truly be with. Since this is the end of summer, the end of the busy rush-each-day to get more done season, I thought perhaps you, my dear readers, could appreciate the words from a maverick leader, Sandy McDougall. Absorb and enjoy and by all means Question Authority!

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Have you ever dreamed you could choose a more loving way of caring for yourself? Can you imagine feeling an undeniably warm glow in your heart, a peaceful smile on your face, and perhaps some small, invisible wings on your happy feet?

But then, when you blinked and returned to your reality, you quickly talked yourself out of it.

I have.

Why? Because I wanted so much to believe that it was much more important to be responsible. I could not stop to care for myself because I had so much else to do. “They” needed me and depended on me. It was my job to carry on, for work, for family, for the community, for others, no matter how I felt inside. And there was always more to do.

And the truth was, I was equally terrified of slowing down. …for fear that I would find out what I really believed. I could not reconcile my thoughts about what was right.

Now I have a different perspective.

I call that old way of keeping so busy “passing time”. And believe you me, I have passed a whole lot of time. What a waste.

No more passing time. No more pretending giving my life over completely to others is going to get me any kind of fabulous life, nor create that warm glow in my heart… nor that peaceful smile on my face, and certainly not any invisible wings on any dancing feet. When exhaustion and resentment are at the heart of giving, everything is off kilter.

You know those Question Authority bumper stickers that were around a plenty in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s? I never had one, but I think I’d like to find one now and put it somewhere prominent in my home.

Through the school of hard knocks (many of which essentially I unknowingly gave myself ) experience showed me that the only way to move into a freer, happier, AND more effective life was to question the authority I gave to over-giving.

When I opened to a new balance – the kind that fed and fulfilled my deeper needs, I found a clearer, kinder vision. I started by paying attention to some of the smallest details in my life: starting off with my dearest desires to experience a few peaceful minutes on a regular basis. How about you?

Do you want to:

  • spend some daily quiet time with yourself?
  • start the day fueled or grounded by an inspirational verse?
  • relax a few minutes before bed relishing a quiet soak in the bathtub?
  • light a candle and connect to gratitude?
  • truly “be with” your child or partner a few minutes every day?

Start small. Sometimes, the intention to Question the Authority of the demands of your routinized and fast-paced world begins with taking back a few rejuvenating minutes in your everyday life. Conscious action in such seemingly insignificant corners of your day can add awareness to other areas that may be stealthily squeezing the heart and soul out of your life.

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