Make peace with your past for a happier today.

promise yourself

To make peace in your life today you must reflect on yesterday. The process of cleaning and clearing your history requires that you know what target you’re aiming for. This means digging deep into the stories you were told, the stories you tell yourself and the ones you created accidentally. It’s a process of listing them one by one and then, with great precision, and then eradicating them from your neural structure with scientifically proven Tapping or EFT.

Change always comes bearing gifts.  ~Price Prichett

Until you stop telling yourself those lies, unless you stop repeating those stories, you will stay mired in the sadness, anger and frustration. Movement comes slowly when you refuse to change, and remember, nothing changes until you do.

Learn how to make your life changing *Hit List and then use EFT to tap into change. Need guidance? Contact me through this website.

I wish you great love, peace and BIG change.