Why raise a stink when you can rejoice?

Why raise a stink with unpleasant thoughts when you have the option of finding what’s right in your life or what’s right with your neighbor or what’s good about your body, your job, your bank account? How you think about your situation affects what you experience.

The quote above by poet James Whitcomb Riley says a lot, when the choice is as simple as grumbling or rejoicing. Opt for rejoicing and you can expect better results. The energy of rejoicing is powerful but the energy of grumbling is equally as powerful. What matters is the level of enthusiasm you put into either one.

The Law of Attraction says “What you give your attention to grows and expands.” The importance of keeping your thoughts on things you already see as perfect will assist in giving you more of the same. Impress your unconscious mind with beauty in every form, particularly how you judge your life to be.

…wishing you uplifting impressions and plenty of rejoicing.