I have a tribe of girlfriends that I connect with regularly. Our sole (perhaps SOUL) purpose is to grow each others dreams, goals and visions, as one woman says, “We’re an incubator.” I think of it as a quantum master mind. We spend conscious time adding to the quantum soup of one another’s intentions. We bond over laughter, missteps, soulful moments and deep prayer. It’s the best of the best with the intention of better.

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How fast could you manifest everything your heart desires if you surrounded yourself with people (yes, men can play too) whose only place in your life was to support you in your time of dreaming?

Ahh, the unbridled joy you can feel when you know there’s a place where you can share the crazy details of your wildest dream. Imagine writing a 1000 word piece about your beautiful new home, the one you have wanted to live in since, like, for-Ever. Think about how giddy you’ll get when you know you can text someone a little win, i.e.: “Hey! I just got the raise I was hoping for.” OR, see yourself getting a thread of emails patting you on the back for finally losing the last of the twenty pounds you were shedding. Wow – a cosmic cheerleading team of your very own. (Here is a link to a woman who created her own tribe. I find her SOOO inspirational. I hope you will, too.)

Supporters of the dreams you have are intricate pieces to manifestation. The energy of dream-building, when multiplied by the sheer number of people you choose to involve, is sped along the matrix to form the matter of your reality. Finding your own tribe to hold you up when you’re down or to lift you higher when you’re already on cloud nine gives your desires supersonic building power.

You get to be the CEO (Chief Energy Organizer) of your “one wild and amazing life”, now build your team and grow your dream. Enroll others in your dreams and desires regularly. I challenge you to consider who you’d like to be in your Quantum Mastermind and in communication with regularly. Make a list of people who would be willing to commit to spending time meeting to discuss goal setting, visions and intentions.

P.S.  **Let me know how it goes for you.

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