Sometimes the words just come, and I have to let them. Occasionally, it hurts as this writing did, but it feels important enough to share with you, my readers. Your comments are welcome below.

I looked in the mirror and saw


I am what I am because you are what you are. mirror

When I see you the way I hope you would see me, we both hurt less.

To lighten your pain, I will begin by lightening my own.

Your sorrow is deep, like a well with no foreseeable bottom. I recognize those moments. The darkness.

I am frustrated by your inability to be, do and have


I have momentarily forgotten you have a story, because I have momentarily forgotten that I once had a story, too.

When I break from my fury and breathe, only then am I able to allow the memory of my own failures to show themselves.

It is only then that I can recognize myself in you.

It is now that I know I am looking at you, my mirror and seeing a version of myself

before I


You are my perfect reflection.