When you look in the mirror what do you see?

  • sadness
  • pain
  • unreturned love
  • depression
  • addiction
  • hiding
  • anger
  • confusion
  • fear
  • disgust

painHave you become your pain? Is pain your identity? If you find yourself introducing yourself to someone new and within those first few moments you find yourself talking about your damaged relationship, your constant backache, your miserable job, lack of money, hokey neighbors, costly lifestyle, then maybe you identify yourself with pain and you don’t realize that there is an option.

I want you to know, you have choices.

Physical, mental and emotional pain is always optional.

The truth is, you were born perfect and were meant to always be in perfect health and a joyful lifestyle. The fact that you can’t consciously remember it in this moment doesn’t make it any less so. It’s your work, your mission, on this plane to reidentify, to recall and remember your perfect health and happiness.

I have a person I see often who seems content in his pain. His pain pains me, so regardless of his balking, I regularly offer him solutions to let go of his pain. “That doesn’t work for me” he says, or “those kinds of methods just don’t help” is the other phrases I hear.

He isn’t alone. This client isn’t alone. So many people resist help. But why?

People, maybe even you, resist help, avoid trying and refuse to engage because unconsciously your mind is saying “I am comfortable where I am and the idea of change is scary!” Your history which is embedded into your neural structure is saying “this idea of change doesn’t resonate with the patterns going on here, so let’s just avoid this incoming information.”

So what’s a person to do?

Push through the anxiety that crept in without you even being aware. Force yourself to try something new.

The good news is that your anxiety or determination not to try the many modalities available that are holistic and all-natural simply means that you can be helped. Reread that line. You can be helped. Your instantaneous negative reaction is your mind trying to keep you the same. It resists the change because potentially it thinks it may hurt to shift. I mean, what if you don’t like life on the other side of the pain?! Then what?

It’s time to give up the facade that you like your life of angst.

Release it and let it go. It’s okay and it’s safe to do so. Your unconscious mind wants to live pain-free and in joy, but it’s scared as hell. Help it along by tapping on the anxiety stirred up when someone offers you a new way to heal.

TAPPING PROCESS: Here are some easy to use phrases to #Tap with using #EFT or #FasterTapping. Ease yourself into change by telling yourself it’s safe and easy.

Begin the process of tapping by feeling the depth of your fear or anxiety about trying something new and then:

  1. Tap top of head: “I’m okay with change and I trust this process. I don’t want to identify with pain any longer.”
  2. Tap eyebrow point: “I release and let go all of my fear about change. I’m letting go of my pain.”
  3. Tap side of eye: “I release and let go all of the shame, embarrassment or fear I have about change.”
  4. Tap under eye: “I release and let go my anxiety and stress.”
  5. Tap collarbone: “I release and let go these fears. It’s safe for me to change.”
  6. Grab your wrist, squeeze it gently, breathe in deeply, breathe out, say “Peace”.

You may now rate your pain and fear about change. How big is it? See a picture that represents your pain and fear, identify with it, rate how big it is then tap these words, or similar words about letting go of the pain.

Keep repeating the process until you feel better. Soon you’ll no longer be so willing to hold on to your identity as one who has pain. Opportunities will present themselves for deeper healing. You’ll be open to receive new information in your life.

You don’t need to stick with your identity of a person in pain. Enjoy the new you, the one free of pain and willing to accept change.