Change is damn scary and there is no pill to fix lazy.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m nervous as a cat myself right now.

lazy pills

As I write this post I realize that I too, am scared. Scared about the steps I need to take to be bigger, better and more out there than ever before. In order to help more people I need to grow myself.

The issue isn’t really how scared I am the real issue is how scared I am about staying small and to not play the game “all in”. If I am to be the great healer, change maker, mover and shaker that I know I am on the inside, then why the hell would I choose to hide.

Once the idea of staying small is more painful than pushing through the pain of growth, it’s imperative that we take action and not be lazy about it.

Inspiration is happening daily. Opportunities to play bigger are everywhere. Always God is offering up ideas, insights and roadside markers that indicate direction. Oh, If only we’d listen, pay attention and take action. Ahhh, but the couch is so cozy and the drink, so cold!

It’s been said that the Universe likes speed.

Fast decision makers and faster action takers are the ones who find themselves with opportunity. And with opportunity comes expansion; with expansion is the one thing we all want: Freedom.

If your goal is freedom then the only thing you can do in this moment is commit. Decide today to take personal responsibility for the life you’re in and then take steps every. Single. Day. No more finger pointing. No more blaming. The one and only person responsible for all you have and all you’ll ever have is you and your habitual thought patterns.

Change those patterns, and you’re free. It’s where I’m at. The idea of staying small sickens me. I’ve thrown a rock at the wheel and stuck it in the cogs to create a pattern interrupt. The wheel can’t turn the same way any longer because I’ve decided- committed in stone- to big change.

Effective today I’m turning everything up a notch. Up-leveling how loud I speak, how much I influence and where I will allow my mind to be impacted. It’s taking all I have to get it done. As much as I am doing this for me, I am doing this for you and I want it for you.

I want you to lead. Be big. Share with the world your talents and gifts and live it in full color.

Do you want to interrupt the monotony of a life unlived? Imagine the rest of your life without passion or purpose. How does it look as you speed forward and look at yourself five or ten years from now based on the pattern you’re in right now. If you look deeply happy, Amen, pass this article to someone else. If not, I challenge you today to break your patterns, reach out and get help. Read a book, shut the television, find a new friend, take a new road, hire a mentor, do some journaling. Do something that interrupts the pattern you’re in.

Everything you want is within your reach just by the simple fact that you desire it.

The Universal law is such that you cannot have a desire without the answer to fulfilling that desire being within your reach.

Your success, whatever that is to you, is in your reach. What you need to do is seek out the answer. And – don’t be lazy about it. There is no pill to fix lazy.

EXERCISE: What do you think about interrupting your current pattern? Does change scare you? What are you willing to do to fix that? Tell me in the comments.