brain sketch

But My Past Is Already Peaceful

Believe that as long as you wish, but realize one day that the reason you are still stuck is that there is too much stuff stuck in your unconscious mind. Let’s look at your brain (neuroscience) and your mind (the energy of your unconscious). The image above is a rough shape representing your brain. What do you see when you look at this. Faces. Now, think of each of these faces as a memory with a date associated with it. Look at all of these memories. They are everywhere and are filling the space in your brain. Consider each of these memories as a groove or a channel that is imprinted into your brain structure.

It goes like this.

You get this fabulous idea to open a new business. You’re so excited and full of passion about it and you have committed to going for it. After weeks of effort, months of trying the you quit trying to run the business of your dreams. But why did you fail? You were so excited about the project, you just knew you could do it.

But did you really?

You see, the idea came in, hit your brain cells and had nowhere to go. Look again at the image above. Imagine that the concept of your new business entered your mind and swam like a bugger through the grey matter to find some kind of resonance, some kind of agreement that you could really do it, that life could be good. But what happened instead was that the little swimmer got stuck in all the little neural channels that had negative associations. Like…the time in 1982 when your uncle went bankrupt from running his own business. The time in 1996 that your teacher told you you stink at math. The second, third and fourth time back in ’08 when you bounced a check and felt like a heel for doing so. All of those memories were out of agreement with your conscious decision that life would be good if you opened this business. These memories hold negatives ideas about you and money or about business in general. Your big idea hit too many brick walls on its way to the good life.

Now look at the image again.

brain sketch

Do you see what I see? Did you notice the tiny little heart in the upper corner that  says “Life is good”? You can barely see it among all of the old ugly faces that are holding dark memories. It’s there, but it is hardly accessible. That little bright spot in your brains cellular structure and in your unconscious mind really is there, but unless and until you make peace with some of these memories it will never get its day in the sun.

Three reasons you should make peace with your past:

  1. Shift happens. Your brain’s cells are constantly changing. In every moment they receive information and adjust themselves based on what’s already in there. They naturally delete, distort and generalize incoming information. Do you really want everything new coming in to be discarded because it doesn’t relate to what’s in your brain already? NO! You need space to take on ideas that serve you better. To do that you have to clear the clutter of the old memories.
  2. The memory you have of the past isn’t real. It’s only an energetic projection of your mind’s memories which create a filter. Your are remembering an event based on and as seen through the energy of your individual brain. Not everyone saw it as you did. The memory was originally absorbed through a cheesecloth woven of unhappy memories at the time the event occurred, and now that you’re older and wiser, you’re still projecting it (remembering it, verbalizing it) based on your dirty filter – that cheesecloth. When you change the memory by making peace with it, you change how you feel about it. When you stop feeling poorly about a memory, it can no longer hurt you and it eventually fades away, leaving room for new memories to come in. It’s like pulling threads out of the cheesecloth until there is nothing left.
  3. Nothing changes until you do. If stuck stinks then it’s up to you to fix it. When you decide to get real and get rid of your old stories, things happen. Suddenly doors open. People seem friendlier. There are pay raises. Old friends fall away. New friends find you (and love you). Opportunity is everywhere. When you commit to changing how you feel about your old life, a new life quickly blows in.

When you make peace with your past memories, that little pink heart in your brain/unconscious mind seems to grow. It fills the space of your conscious and unconscious mind like a beam of sunlight in the whitest snow field. You have to make peace to free up the space. Notice in the drawing below that the “Life is Good” is overwriting the bad memories. They are fading into the distance of the unconscious. No longer having impact, they eventually will be absorbed into the universal energy.

full brain

WHODATHUNKIT: Your past is taking up too much space in your unconscious mind and in your brain’s neural patterning. Make peace with the past to create a life you love.


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