We all have a way of keeping things together publicly. You know how it goes, you get all dressed up to go out with friends and tell them how great everything flows. Your social media posts are filled with quotes about how happy and amazing your life is. It’s only when it’s someone else’s turn to speak that you notice your stomach is nauseous and the sadness in your heart is heavier than you want it to be. sad woman

Something is missing.

How Happy Are You?

If you claim you’re “making it”, but the voice in your head has a quick reply and says “Yeah, right,” then chances are high that you need to pull the “get out of jail free” card and seek some assistance.

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln

How happy are you? It’s okay to admit that you may not be where you want to be. If you are pretending you’re fine when inside you are sad, lonely, and scared, it’s probably time for intervention. Take the short quiz below to see if you could use some mental magic to shift your life.

  1. When Botox filled lips and lines become your way of saying “I’m beautiful”, it’s time to make your mind equally as lovely. Look in the mirror past the mascara and eyeliner and see if there is truly a light in your eye. Can you hold your gaze with love and know that your soul is alive with passion?
  2. When you can’t remember your current goals and each day is predetermined by other people’s plans and you’re not actively making your own decisions, then something’s got to give. Every human being has special skills, talents and desires that need to be fleshed out and attended to. If your dream is being stuffed behind filling other people’s needs, then it’s time to get some help. Do you know your current goals and are you taking steps to see them fulfilled?
  3. When you stop making decisions for yourself and have taken on the pack mentality, your individuality has been robbed and you should surely seek advice. Consider this. Just because it’s good for the goose doesn’t mean it’s good for the gander. Brown may be the new black for everyone else, but when your gut wants to go with butter yellow, you sacrafice a little part of yourself by following the crowd. How often are you doing it their way, just because it’s better to fit in than to be authentic?

If you answer these questions honestly and have no regrets about where you are then kudos to you. You are certainly on your way to achieving everything you want in life. Things are rosy and you are completely fulfilled. That’s the way to be!

If you looked at the three questions and there is a flatness to the energy of your answers, then you are on the brink of boredom. May you start taking bigger steps toward independent thinking.

If your lip is quivering and I have exacerbated the upset stomach you struggle against, I apologize for stirring up the pain. You clearly see your life for what it is: someone else’s idea of a perfect life. It is you whom I want to reach the most. You can begin your transformation from a life lived to a life loved as soon as you are ready. Find a caring and conscious coach immediately!

Choose to be happy. I invite you all to take action today.

The Get Happy Steps:

A- Acknowledge to yourself that you want and deserve more.

B-Begin seeking out a qualified coach, one who models the behaviors you want for yourself.

C-Challenge yourself to reach out and schedule a free discovery session.