Belief Systems Affect Outcomes.

Your internal belief systems need to align with your dreams. Too many people give up the dream right when they are on the brink of attaining it. Belief systems are the ingrained patterns and habits that have formed circuitry in our brain. They are the drivers of the actions we take. These patterns and habits are formed by old stories you told yourself, or ones that were modeled by adults who didn’t know they were actually forming you. Be sure to look at old patterns and ask yourself what created them. Think about the scenarios and situations and then evaluate them for worthiness. Reframe them by figuring out the lesson with them and rewrite that story. Break down old views and insert new ones based on your desires.

The Brain is an amazing computer.

You can repattern your brain’s neurons and create magic. This unit, your brain, receives millions of bits of information every second. Literally approximately two million pieces of data are coming at you in any given second. Your brain filters the information and takes in 156 bits of data- selecting the ones that most closely match what’s already going on inside. It all happens unconsciously, without your direction.

It only takes a little time and lots of awareness of your current internal and external behaviors to begin to change the current landscape of your brain. Start by looking at your current situation. Decide if there is a pattern based on an old memory. Find tools that nullify or neutralize that memory so that it serves you in a better, more positive way. Do this with as many patterns and memories as you can detect. Eventually, the data you are taking in will be higher quality and will serve you in ways you can’t even currently imagine.

Note: This post is an excerpt from the mini-book “The ABC’s of Change”.