Attention to your dream keeps you on task.

Attention to your dream keeps you focused. Keep pictures, journals, words and reminders of your goals close by for easy reference, because your brain loves to be reminded of what it is you want more of. What you give your attention to energetically expands. It’s a natural law that’s scientifically proven. Einstein and Edison knew it first. They simply didn’t have today’s technology to support their claim. By managing the emotions and perspective we have of what we are giving focus to, we mold and shape our outcomes. Spend time feeling happy when you imagine yourself in that relationship or dream job. Don’t know what you want?? Start a list of your dreams, write down 25 things that you want to be, do, or have right now. I dare you.


A is for alchemy.

Alchemy is another word for transformation. By focusing attention on your vision, you become the alchemist who turns blandness into bling. Warning! Know too, that being the alchemist you are, you also can turn to bling to bland. Whatever you spend time thinking about expands and grows and it always works in both directions. Look at your pain and expect more, watch for miracles and know that more are on the way. Be the alchemist of big dreams and fantastical goals.

NOTE: This is the first in a series of ABC’s. They are excerpts from my mini-book “The ABC’s of Change”.

Daring to take the path of change? If so, add your comments below. What do you think about how your attention is working for you? What about alchemy? Is it real in your life? Why or why not?