Synchronicityabstract-eye – Can You See It?

How is synchronicity affecting your life? I have been having more and more experiences with this phenomenon, and it knocks my socks off every time. Why did those two dots suddenly connect? Is it important for forward movement or is it just a soft wink in your general direction letting you know that someOne, someThing– a divine source– has got your back.

I settled in for a long flight across the United States. Leaving my youngest adult child is always hard for me and I was a little grumpy about what was going to be a long ride in a small seat. Because I am an avid writer and doodler, I pulled out my notebook and pencil. I figured the least I could do was get some good writing done.

In no time at all I was deep into an article titled “50 Shades of Gay”. I had been reflecting on the gratitudes of my trip to Las Vegas and the time with my daughter when the titled popped into my head. It would be a list of fifty things I really love about my life in general and the benefits of writing your own 50 Shades list.

Words, ideas, phrases, colors all started jumping out at me and my hand couldn’t keep up with my brain. The list was getting long, I’d easily make my 50 shades. I started thinking about laughter and how I love a good belly laugh. Quickly, three television shows that I watch without fail came to mind: The Neighbors, The Middle and Modern Family. I chuckled to myself as I envisioned the scene with Cam dressed as the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz. He was in costume for a play but was holding a “sit-in” style protest from the heights of a tree. His young daughter Lily was standing at the base of the tree pouting and waiting, waiting and pouting. Ever indignant, Cam would not leave the tree until his partner arrived and talked him down. It was hilarious!

The little interlude with my third-eye pleased me. I seriously enjoy Modern Family and now I felt better. Still a long way from my destination, I tucked my notebook away and pulled out the book I was currently involved with: E Squared by Pam Grout (a new favorite author).

I find my place on the page and dig in. There it is in the second paragraph, the author is discussing Modern Family and Cam. (GULP!)

He wasn’t in the tree, like in my vision, but it was the same sitcom, same character, same general vibe. The author was discussion intentions and the human ability to instantaneously create from our intentions and our unwilllingness to look at them.

And there it was, God winking at me saying, “See Tam, I got your back.” I could create a heck-of-a-long day or it could be short and sweet. My outcome would be based on my intention.

Synchronicity is the magical experience that happens, seemingly at random. It’s when two unrelated situations (my daydream of Modern Family and the author’s reference to the same) suddenly come into alignment and have some kind of meaning for the recipient.

How often is God winking at you and you look away or pretend you don’t see it. The more often we search for synchronicity, or what some call coincidence, the more often we find it. The more we find it and revel in it, the more we can see that we are indeed all connected and that there is some sort of infinitely intelligent source directing us, messaging us and indeed–winking at us.

They are happening in your life all the time, too. List your latest synchronicity here!