It’s all Alexandra Franzen‘s fault. She just wouldn’t be ignored. She was openly challenging readers (actually coaxing people) to tell someone important “thank you”. I just couldn’t do it. I mean, how do you ignore an awesome writer like her? This is the message I recently sent to Alex:


 I’m the kind of person who hates to limit myself. When I was trying to decide who should get my biggest thank you — I panicked. Parents (and steps), children, mentors, teachers, business associates, old friends and new friends and social media friends. After some long, slow deep breaths I decided to challenge myself to write to my favorite 50 people and tell them they are awesome.

I scrounged through my stash of postcards and ended up writing 50 notes of Awesomeness to 50 people who have stolen my heart. The mailman thought I was nuts and that made the whole thing that much better.

Once the decision was made It took me about ten days to finish this project. I gathered my materials, created a list of the awesome people I know and then started writing. I’d do ten or fifteen postcards at a time, put them aside and then brew. Savoring it was part of the fun. I imagined how people would feel as they realized that I think they are amazing, terrific, special people.

Alexandra Franzen recently wrote a book. 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome hits the bookstores on October 1. Get this book and be inspired to find ways to share your own awesomeness. If you have done something like this, please share your story with me (or with Alex, after all, she started this)!