The right to always be choosing is yours. I say this all the time in my work with clients and in my day-to-day interactions with family, “Everything is a choice.” It’s a common sense thing isn’t it? Why then, as basic as it is, do so many of us opt out of cognizant decision making? It baffles me.

“I can’t find work.”

“Hotels always have terrible coffee.”

“Weight loss and dieting are so difficult.”

“It’s just how I am. I don’t like it, but it’s just how I am.”  street sign

Puh-lease. Stop right there! Such anger and frustration you spew. You self-sabotage with such short-sighted words. Hear this: Every moment is a choice and you’re doing it (choosing) regularly either consciously or subconsciously. Why not wake up and be the driver of the bus that is your life?

The right to always be choosing is yours.

We all have external reactions based on our brain’s historical imprints. The neural pathways that formed as you passed from the diaper stage to the puberty stage and into adulthood as you witnessed millions of hours of, well, life (think of family feuds, television, radio, school, sickness…ahem…breathing) are imprinted in our grey matter. We all go through a “sleep stage”, the time period when we traverse life’s path oblivious to our body’s cell’s absorption of information. We didn’t know about the collection of data patterned into our brains that are affecting decisions. So we mouthed off, made claims, and have decided things that just do not serve our betterment.

Let’s forgive and move on and let’s finally ditch the excuses.

It’s been touted since before the Roman days that “thoughts are things” and that “what you give attention to expands”. Nowadays the scientific studies are prevalent. Any Google search on human energy, neuroscience and decision making will offer plenty of results. Quantum physicists are loving the results of the tests. Lab experiments show that are cells are “listening” and that we can change how they behave based on what we give attention to.

You are now awakened to the fact that your current choices are reactions to old cellular patterning, and, drum roll please, you can choose to change the patterning.

Waking up to choosing a life of joy, love, abundance, brilliant health and wellness, amazing career experiences can be fun. It’s a game if you want it to be. Let’s call the game LIFE. Wait. No. That name may be taken. Call the game “Always Be Choosing” and play it daily. Here are the rules:

  1. All players must take personal responsibility for every end result.
  2. The game is played by monitoring every thought, speech pattern, old assumptions, and new reaction to be positive in nature or risk it affecting your subconscious mind.
  3. If you slip up and allow something negative in, you MUST reframe, cancel or correct the information immediately in order to move forward in the game.

Items needed: A determined spirit. The objective: to repattern your brain cells and your subconscious mind to “believe” in XYZ (fill in XYZ with your vision of a grand life).

BONUS–everyone is a winner if you decide to play because ultimately science (via those brilliant quantum physicists) has proven that we are all connected via an invisible energetic field. This means that as you choose differently and improve, you win. But not only that, but I win, too, as does all of Tokyo, New York City, Iceland and yes everyone, everywhere else. (You get the picture.)

It’s a game. “Always Be Choosing”

Play daily to win.

NOTE:  This blog post has been sponsored by the letters U and I. I am what I am because U are what U are. U and I are one.

If you need help in making better choices you can try this, this or this. Always be choosing wisely.