The ABC’s of Change, Part 1: Against Being Cowardly

If only it were easy, this life, with all of its bells and whistles, hurdles and hard knocks, big ideas and full blown sense of success and attainment. We dream a little dream, notate a few key words about it in a journal long since lost and then go about our days eventually wondering what actually happened with the law of attraction. You saw the movie or read the book  “The Secret”. Why isn’t the law of attraction active in your life?


You spent some time thinking about your goal. You were at the grocery store at the time, in the baking aisle, when it occurred to you that you would shine as the owner of a small what-not shop in that highly populated and well traveled sea side town, selling your wares while wearing your finest haberdashery. You could see yourself offering smiles and unique items. Ahhhh, that would be the life you’d excel in.

Though the vision has been with you for what seems a lifetime, you hold it for only thirty full seconds before th can of baking powder slips through your fingers and onto your big toe, jarring you into awareness. Once in the car you used the back of your receipt to make notes about potential vendors and possible storefront locations before slamming your car into gear and heading to the post office so that you can take another item off your list. Again, the dream is put to rest and you consider life suffice.

In the this game we call life distraction too often trumps dreaming. Busy-ness beats believing.

Engineering a life that makes you alive with joy requires focused energy. It’s a commodity that too many people are low on, and more than that, too many people are not willing to put in the effort for. Generally speaking people are cowardly about change.

I, for one, am against being cowardly.

To be truly and deeply happy requires courage means becoming against being cowardly. It means ditching the bad attitude and the excuses. It involves shedding the finger pointing. It is about taking action, critical thinking about your current patterns, planning for the future and mindset management. No joke. It actually takes effort to make your dreams come true. Living large doesn’t come vicariously. you have to jump into– consciously — and with both feet.

The Law of Attraction though you thought it had fallen asleep at the wheel, is actually alive and well in your life. You are getting exactly what you think you deserve. The key word in the previous sentence is: THINK. Your past thinking is reflecting in your current life. Your situation today is a reflective collective of the thoughts you have practiced over the course of your life, whether you were conscious that you were thinking them or not. Your brain’s neural pathways are formed and are projecting an energetic hologram known as your “reality”. It took you years to build up those neural patterns, it will take time and conscious effort on your part to change them.

Your brain is up to the task of change. In fact, your cells are changing in every minute. You have to be willing to tackle your own situation and this is where courage comes in.

Oh, ownership, it’s a big deal! If you’ve ever sat down and reflected on a condition and recognized yourself as part of the problem and then had to swallow hard to accept it then you will understand what I am about to say. Personal responsibility is the biggest player in the game of a fruitful (and enjoyable) life. At some point during adulthood one must take up the practice of deep reflection and eventual ownership of their conditions. You see, there really is no “them”. There is nobody else who is keeping you down, oppressing you and squandering your one precious life away. There is no magic pill being kept from your bedside table and nobody else who can make the difference to your reality.

It’s all you. And in my book, if you don’t take control and stop hiding behind excuses and you choose to wallow in your own grief, it’s just plain cowardly.

I’ll be honest. I just winced when I wrote that, bit it’s how I feel. For those of you who moan and groan and blame others without taking steps to fix it. It is cowardly. The first ABC of Change: become Against Being Cowardly.