Read Part 1 of the ABC’s of Change.  Then read Part 2.

In Part 2 of the ABC’s of Change I suggested some tools to get you on track with adjusting your mindset. Now let’s wrap this up by better understanding how your brain is processing your request for change.

With the myriad of tools available, personal change is attainable for everyone. It is a process that you must consciously and willingly choose based on a strong desire to fulfill your dreams. You must take ownership of all the results you have (or have not) created and be willing to course correct beginning immediately. Results will find you. Keep your eyes open to the synchronicities that will occur as you are engaged in the process of repatterning your brain. And oh! Expect a bumpy ride.I hear you now. “What?! Bumps in the road to my dream life after I made all of this effort to change?”Yes.

The human brain is brilliantly wired to keep you safe and comfortable. Each thought, as it arrives into your brain, is monitored for a level of security. You say to yourself “I’m gong to love running my own business and I can’t wait to be my own boss,” and your brain begins analyzing your statement to see if it has resonance with your current patterning. If the analyzer of your brain sees that you have taken in information that directly refutes or goes against the patterning then it will direct the information to the back of the brain for one of the three F’s: Fight. Flight. Or Freeze.

When this happens your subconscious mind will take over and start sabotaging every move you make in the direction of your desire. For example, if you start looking at taking business classes through adult education, your mind will start running a program about how you struggled with math in high school. Your begin reading books on leadership and your mind will recall a memory about the time you were teased for trying to be the playground’s kickball team captain. It will remind you of any pain you have had that is relative to that dream.

This is how you become stuck. You grow weary of the internal battle and eventually give in and go back to your routine of daydreaming in the baking aisle of the grocery store as you fondle new pot holders and gluten-free flour while you wish for that seaside storefront.

On the other hand, once you are truly involved in creating change and interrupting the negative information and begin to build new neural patterns for success, your analyzer will recognize that as well. For example, when  you say “I’m going to love running my own business and I can’t wait to be my own boss, ” your analyzer will check for similarities in patterning and agree that your statement has merit and then will push the thought to your frontal lobe for additional support. Here, at the frontal lobe, you will be able to think logically, take action and make better decisions because your brain is now supporting your vision of the dream.

“Your playing small does not serve the world.” ~Marianne Williamson

Once you understand that your brain is hardwired by your old thought patterns and that it is up to you to unplug from that circuitry and create new connections, then you can and should prepare yourself.

Anticipate struggles and be willing to work through them. Be Against Being Cowardly. I did say that change is a courageous thing. You will have to address hurdles one at a time, (but that is a whole other blog article.)

The contemporary philosopher and spiritual thought leader Marianne Williamson’s words say it best. I interpret her quote to mean that what we need on this planet is people who are willing to choose change and be passionate enough to dream big and play bigger. Is that you?

I challenge you to choose change. Develop the courage you need to affect positive change in your life. Staying stuck is cowardly. If you need help clearing the hurdles, contact me.