sad face needs change

In the previous entry we were talking about change and I said it. Ownership is everything and to continue to blame others for your lot in life is just plain cowardly.Ouch,right?

Now let’s continue.

Your life is solely (and soul-ly) yours to heal. And the good news is that is can be healed, and quickly if you are brave and diligent.

We all have inside of us this pure spark of possibility. Call it divine or God-given, call it spasmodic or by chance alone, regardless of the name, it is there. The pure potential to have a life that is meaningful, abundant, joy-filled, healthy and mad with bliss is part of our human DNA. We can always, every time, have anything and everything we want if only we are willing to get over our cowardly natures.

If you have been looking at your receipts with handwritten hieroglyphic notes that are supposed to represent your end goal and you are saddened by a lack of achievement, it’s time to cheer up and pull your rose colored glasses from your bureau drawer. Hope has arrived.

If ever there was a time to praise technology, it’s now. Due to the grand advances of technology, science laboratories across the world are touting the results of neuroscience studies that indicate that the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a falsehood. Einstein and Edison had claimed that our brains are capacitors constantly sending and receiving information to and from the ether. New information is proving that they were correct. The cells of our brains are indeed consistently generating and sending information, but not only that, they are also changing and reshaping in every minute based on our attention to a subject. We can, and do, affect the change of our cells. Long story short, our brains are like long chewed wads of bubble gum just waiting to be shaped and formed through our latest thought patterns (or well planned tongue rolls).

To affect change in our brain’s neural patterning we must monitor our attention and alter our thought patterns. By regularly interrupting the regular stream of bad news, crabby neighbors or co-workers, negative self-talk and the natural need to gripe – our brains change.

Here’s where it gets tough. Changing your mind so that you can change your life takes effort. Much like you can’t expect a healthy, youthful body by staring at photos of body builders and personal trainers, you can’t change your brain by interrupting your internal griping system only one time. You have to be consistent. The work of change requires commitment, a sense of diligence, an internal burning desire for something better than what you already have.

In each instance that you hear, feel or sense that the information being absorbed isn’t serving you you must find a way to turn it down, turn it off or completely disengage from it. This means preparing yourself by having the tools you need to consistently interrupt the patterns that have served you to this point.

When your girlfriend calls and starts going off about her good-for-nothing husband’s lousy boss who pays him a disgusting minimum wage-halt the action. Distract your girlfriend and ask her if she enjoyed that new recipe you emailed her last week, you know, the one for the chocolate cupcakes. As the voice from the television begins its daily tirade against the government or rants on about the latest murder or the sorry state of the economy quietly locate the remote and say “Not me, not now.” Most importantly, when the noise in your head is your own voice and it is calling you “stupid” or “lazy” gently thank it and ask it to move on with one word: “NEXT!” Feel free to consciously insert the next thought with something that serves your purpose like “You are doing great with this new mindset stuff.”

Pattern interruptions are powerful, but they should not be the only tool in your kit. Other techniques for change include journaling, meditation, reading self-help and personal development books, free video trainings of master teachers, audios with subliminal messaging, EFT (emotional freedom techniques also known as tapping), vision boarding and masterminding. Accountability partners are another excellent resource, especially when you are feeling emotionally overburdened. This is the person you call when you’re feeling tired and dismayed. Call your friend, mentor, spiritual guide for support. Allow yourself to be lifted by their kind words. They should be able to bring you back to a place of clarity and peace until you can jump back into the vision holding and dream building business.

In the next (and final) installment of this series we’ll wrap up the importance of choosing change.