message stonesThe Law of Attraction Gets Basic

Author Napoleon Hill of “Think And Grow Rich” taught the laws of success and without even trying, he covered the Law of Attraction, too. In trying to spread the message of the law of attraction it’s sometimes difficult to express exactly how it works. It isn’t enough to say “like attracts like” or “thoughts become things”, though I believe those statements to be true- there is so much more to it than that. I thought it would be fun to bring together my creative talent with the concepts involved in monitoring mindset and managing miracles.

Limitations and The Law of Attraction

“The only limitations there are, are the ones you create in your mind.” This quote is a take off of one from Napoleon Hill. The quote refers to and acknowledges the power our mind’s have to fabricate barriers to our desired results.

Our brains work from the past. It’s been imprinted with neural patterns based on old habits and modeled behaviors that now dictate the way which we will think and act. We can create conflict, resistance, anxiety, problems that are not real in order that we stay comfortable in our lives.

You see, change is painful and our brain/subconscious mind know that and will do anything to stop us from experiencing it, hence, distractions, imaginary road blocks and walls that cannot be climbed. Oh, the tragedy!

Law of Attraction, Limitations and Goal Setting

All of our lives have been leading up to this moment. You awaken one day to a goal that, if achieved, will be life-changing. You are fired up. You are filled with excitement to begin taking steps toward making the dream a reality.

Then, you go for a walk. Turn on the television. You play Farmville or go to McDonald’s. (Read: you don’t take the inspired action required).

Before you know it, there it is. FEAR. Its the litany of complaints registered by the dynamic duo of your brain/mind. It is the myriad reasons why you cannot/should not/would not be, do or have your big dream.

By not taking immediate steps toward the desired end result you allowed your brain/subconscious mind to register questions and possible complaints. It created imaginary limitations because you allowed it time to search for reasons to stay the same. Your brain/subconscious mind love “status quo” and you just gave them fuel for the fire by not taking action.

Override the Law of Attraction

Limitations are a creation of your mind. The more you look at them and for them, the more of them you’ll find. Begin change by acknowledging that they are only a figment of your overactive imagination. Tell them “I see you there, Negative Nancy, but I’m just not going there with you today.” Now use the ABC’s of LOA to tackle the situation:

ATTENTION. Regularly see what it is you want. Your brain connects easily with images. Keep photos of your desired result close by so that you can train your brain what to look for. If possible, insert a picture of yourself with or next to the end goal.
BELIEFS. Use EFT to acknowledge and then release and neutralize the negative thoughts and feelings that build up as you go through this. Your mind will not stop reacting and feeding you words that derail you unless you tell it to. Using EFT, or tapping, neutralizes the pain of old memories, negative thought patterns and puts your mind and body at ease.
CONSTANT ACTION. Plan your work and work your plan: Having a dream is terrific, but not having a solid list of action steps to take to help achieve it would be foolish. Brainstorm a list of steps that you’ll need to take. When you’re tuckered out with listing ideas, put them into a prioritized order and do something daily that makes sense. You’ll eventually build some momentum and look forward to checking the steps of your list.

Stay tuned for more information about basic neuroscience as it relates to your success and the law of attraction.

Tell me in the comments below what negative pattern keeps popping up and derailing your success?