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Wit, Wisdom, and Astrological Insights for the year ahead, now available for your store.

Customers will love learning exactly how to move through each month as they read about the astrology and numerological vibrations that are at play. They can mark their calendars, learn what to do and what not do and use the referenced gemstones, essential oils, and yoga poses to abate or amplify those energies. 

If you knew when to make financial decisions and when not to, wouldn’t that be helpful? If you could know when to expect an improvement in your health, wouldn’t you lean into that? 

The Almanac covers most life areas and helps readers guide themselves into a more fluid way of doing life. Ease and grace are the name of the game. 

Retails: $34.99

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Tap Into Magic and Mindset All Year Long

Now in its third year, this calendar, planner, workbook starts on December 1, 2019 and carries you gracefully toward the successful achievement of your goals through all of 2020. With moon dates marked, goals locked in and reflection time incorporated you are sure to feel guided and at ease in your journey. 

Love astrology and the moons? Each month is divided by astrological information, your illustrated guide to which area of your life will be impacted during the full and new moons. Use these reflection guides to help you set up your monthly manifestation ritual.

The resource area in the back of your book is your go-to place for tips, tricks, and techniques you can work with as you bump into roadblocks as you are going for your goal. It includes EFT tapping scripts for letting go of pain, EFT tapping scripts for incorporating enthusiasm into your goals, journal questions, space for notetaking, book lists, astrology and numerology.

Those who use this gem, love it.

“For me, the goals for play are very important. I have to push myself out of my comfort zone for those but I’m doing it. And it is making a real difference. Funny thing… everyone thinks I’m this badass businesswoman who never has a quiet moment. In some ways that’s true, and, I am working at framing my new empty nest life. Your planner is helping me to feel like that nest is full of opportunity. :)” -Paula Mahony, President, Words@Work

  • 220 pages, spiral bound
  • 13 months of week-at-a-glance layouts
  • Year at a glance
  • astrological insight
  • EFT tapping
  • Goal setting
  • Month end goal review pages
  • Journal pages
  • Capture your WINS on a separate page

Retails: $59.99