Tapping is the new technology for self-healing.

Pain As Your Identity

Have you become your pain? Is pain your identity? If you find yourself introducing yourself to someone new and within those first few moments you find yourself talking about your damaged relationship, your constant backache...

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Your Bold Year Ahead – 2014

Sometimes choosing a focus word is easier than writing a goal or a resolution. I challenge you to pick a word or phrase that shakes you at a gut level and focus on it like laser. But how do you select a word to focus on? You simply ask. Ask your unconscious mind to answer the question: "What should I focus on this year?" You know the answer to your own questions, you simply need to stop the chatter and be willing to listen to and feel your result.

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The Energy of Peace

Your personal energy holds patterns that represent your belief systems. As this infographic shows, you can create change and an energy of peace by tapping.

A Daily Spiritual Practice

I realized this morning as I was finishing up my typical daily spiritual practice, that perhaps some people don’t know what a spiritual practice is, or how to begin one. To me, a spiritual practice is anything you do that grounds and centers you. It’s a practice of setting intentions and expectations for your day. […]

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