The lastest information on live and online trainings



February 24, Corporate Unicorn Mastermind meetings ongoing monthly private event

Tues, Mar 8  at The #BigPinkOffice, Freeport, Maine…Money Like Magic: Understand the Energy of Money... a three hour workshop about the energy of money that includes practical steps you can take to shift everything you know about reducing debt and attracting wealth. My most powerful and provocative workshop. $50 per person or $40 per person if you bring someone.  Register by clicking here!

March 15,  Falmouth, Mass in partnership with Lyceum LiveThe ABC’s of Change: How to be happier, healthier, wealthier… faster with EFT. Register at

March 16, Rhode Island at The Empowerment Factory: The ABC’s of Change: How to be happier, healthier, wealthier faster with EFT.  Register at 

June 9, Portland, Maine … Emotional Freedom for Caregivers (private event for Cumberland Country Child Caregivers)

Fall 2016

Corporate Unicorn VIP Weekend: Where Strategy Meets Magic…. for #SoulOhPreneurs and Small Business Owners… four dynamic speakers on four important topics. More information coming soon.

Insert your home learning salon here. You invite friends, I do the teaching. Contact me via email at

  • The road to happier, healthier, wealthier is faster with Tam and EFT!