Coaching Creates Change

It’s great to have a healing modality that can move and shift you, but a modality alone will not create the change you need.

You need:  accountability, outside perspective, new ideas, guidance…you need a plan, too.


More than 95% of your decisions are being made by your  unconscious mind. I can guide you to identify and then shift the BS that’s holding you back from the life of your dreams. Your BS – that is – your Belief System is the internal patterning you have been creating since pre-birth, it’s tucked away in your unconscious mind.

It’s the habits, stories, framework that you are living and working within. It’s all affecting your outcomes.

It can be extremely debilitating unless you take action against it.

Evolution Coaching

Using a combination of modalities such as EFT tapping, energy therapy, tactical life strategies or applicable online business and marketing strategies, I can help. I offer customized opportunities to create change for personal or professional development and multiple opportunities for your life, business, or community group .

You and your business can be dynamic, engaging, strong, healthy, successful, confident and filled to the brim with joy.  You can reach all of your emotional, spiritual, financial and material goals…and relax into just being you.

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A life of happiness, health and wealth leads to personal freedom, freedom means choice.

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