Health and Happiness | How your mindset can effect your health.

When you consider your own happiness, your innate happy-factor, are you nearing a jazz-hands state or are you feeling closer to the troll hiding under the bridge? EFT is an energy management practice.

The Right Question

The Right Question When the weight of something extraordinarily painful has found you on your knees, prayer may be the only answer. But how do you pray and ...

Pain As Your Identity

Have you become your pain? Is pain your identity? If you find yourself introducing yourself to someone new and within those first few moments you find yourself talking about your damaged relationship, your constant backache...

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Mind Over Matter

The making of magic, and the concept of mind over matter seems silly. But how painful and how silly is it to stay stuck? The choice is always

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Your First Step Toward Change

Your first step toward change can seem so daunting. “I suffer with anxiety” or “I am battling stuckness” or “It's hard for me to be happy”, all of these words I hear regularly.

3 Reasons To Make Peace With The Past

When you make peace with the past memories, that little pink heart in your brain/unconscious mind seems to grow.

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End Self-Sabotage

Time to Be Done With Self-Sabotage
“I guess you’d call it self-sabotage. I want to be done with this awful cycle! I get inspired, take action, and hit a wall. It’s the same all the time. I give up quickly, as soon as there is any kind of obstacle. I am simply not where I want […]

When God Winks At You Don’t Look Away

Synchronicity is the magical experience that happens, seemingly at random.

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Mind Your Own Bliss-ness

Congratulations on your leap into the world of entrepreneursip. Isn’t it fun running your own enterprise? What?! You don’t remember registering your company or filing taxes. No worries. I’m not talking about a Fortune 500’d, c-suited, board (read: bored) membered bonafide money-making business. I’m referring to the business of your bliss-ness– your joy. You know, […]

Always Be Choosing

We all have external reactions based on our brain's historical imprints. The neural pathways that formed as you passed from the diaper stage to the puberty stage and into adulthood as you witnessed millions of hours of, well, life