End Self-Sabotage

Time to Be Done With Self-Sabotage
“I guess you’d call it self-sabotage. I want to be done with this awful cycle! I get inspired, take action, and hit a wall. It’s the same all the time. I give up quickly, as soon as there is any kind of obstacle. I am simply not where I want […]

Your Obituary: Think About What You Think About

About My Friend’s Obituary
Two days ago I received this email from an associate who is a consultant and coach. His name is Coach Bru. I read his newsletter faithfully because I trust, respect and constantly learn from him. I was struck this week by the subject line of the email. It was obituary-style including the […]

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50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome- The Challenge

It’s all Alexandra Franzen’s fault. She just wouldn’t be ignored. She was openly challenging readers (actually coaxing people) to tell someone important “thank you”. I just couldn’t do it. I mean, how do you ignore an awesome writer like her? This is the message I recently sent to Alex:
 I’m the kind of person who hates […]

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Self-Sabotage and Promises

"I self-sabotage all the time," is the quiet response B gave me when I inquired why she was with me that day. "I can't seem to get....

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50 Shades of Gay

I haven’t read the *other* 50 Shades series that so many people have found popular these days. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that *other* series, I’m just saying it isn’t for me. What is for me is the 50 Shades of Gay. 50 things that turn my crank, jazz me up, put […]

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Mind Your Own Bliss-ness

Congratulations on your leap into the world of entrepreneursip. Isn’t it fun running your own enterprise? What?! You don’t remember registering your company or filing taxes. No worries. I’m not talking about a Fortune 500’d, c-suited, board (read: bored) membered bonafide money-making business. I’m referring to the business of your bliss-ness– your joy. You know, […]

Super Sparkly Day

What if you choose to have a super sparkly day?
Honestly, I recognize that it sounds so cheesy to have a super sparkly day, but really, isn’t having a “better than average” day all about choosing to take it on. Look at the customer service rep in the video below…

(You smiled, didn’t you?)

She’s having a great […]

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ABC’s of Change: Part 3

Read Part 1 of the ABC’s of Change.  Then read Part 2.
In Part 2 of the ABC’s of Change I suggested some tools to get you on track with adjusting your mindset. Now let’s wrap this up by better understanding how your brain is processing your request for change.
With the myriad of tools available, personal […]

ABC’s of Change: Part 2

In the previous entry we were talking about change and I said it. Ownership is everything and to continue to blame others for your lot in life is just plain cowardly.Ouch,right?

Now let’s continue.

Your life is solely (and soul-ly) yours to heal. And the good news is that is can be healed, and quickly if you […]

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ABC’s of Change: Part 1

The ABC’s of Change, Part 1: Against Being Cowardly
If only it were easy, this life, with all of its bells and whistles, hurdles and hard knocks, big ideas and full blown sense of success and attainment. We dream a little dream, notate a few key words about it in a journal long since lost and […]