How To Begin Change with the RRR Method.

How you ask. How do I begin to change? I get that question a lot. People will ask "How do I get as happy as you, as optimistic as you, as light as you?" Long ago when these questions first came I had to stop and think about this and sort through it. It occurred to me that I never publicly shared the answer.

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Stop the Self-Sacrifice

Because our beliefs are formed at an early age, often before we are consciously aware we are being formed, traveling back in time to meet with that little boy or girl can be transformative. The following true story

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Enlightenment Expo

Join me at the Enlightenment Expo in Portland, Maine on Saturday, September 6. My free talk about the benefits of tapping is at 1:00 pm. There will be many interesting speakers and vendors on hand to help you create your biggest, brightest, best life ever. Stop by my booth for books, lessons on tapping and sign up to win a door prize.

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Make Peace With Your Past

To make peace in your life today you must reflect on yesterday. Cleaning and clearing your history requires that you know what target you're aiming for.

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Learning through Observation from the Real Housewives -Part 2

Last week we took a look at ways we could learn from The Real Housewives. If you missed part one of this article you can start here. Now let's continue...

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Learning Through Observation from Real Housewives -Part 1

Bravo's Real Housewives shows are terrific training grounds for life coaches. The airwaves are filled with self-indulgence, all-about-me-isms, and how not to be conscious. Mind you, it also has some terrific examples of authenticity, strength and powerful love.

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What Is The End Result?

They're genuine in their question, they honestly don't understand the process or the actual end result of taking on a coach. For that reason alone I thought I'd explain here what coaching is and what the end result can be for you.

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The Right Question

The Right Question When the weight of something extraordinarily painful has found you on your knees, prayer may be the only answer. But how do you pray and ...

Only 3 Minutes! Tapping To Let It In

Take only 3 minutes of your day. Decide what you want to let into your life: freedom, money, wealth, more joy, greater health, wisdom, grace, strength. You decide what "it" is .

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Do You Have The Tools You Need?

The tools you need are waiting for you to pick them up. Don't stay stuck, get the funk out and get on to bigger and better things. The life you always dreamed of is waiting for you.

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