Are you sick of the BS that’s holding you down?
Change those Belief Systems FAST with my Big Shift Break Through Now!

Are you fed up? 

Have you hurt for long enough?

Are you ready to end the struggle?    … Take your first steps toward walking away from the pain.

Take the next step in changing your belief systems with my Big Shift Breakthrough Session


Your Big Shift Break Through Session is a 1 1/2 hour private session to provide immediate relief from your current emotional stuckness. We’ll identify your issue and use our powerful time together to stop it in its tracks. I’ll also provide you with some DIY (that’s do-it-yourself) follow up techniques for you to work with to be sure you pull yourself far, far away from the current negative trend. 

It’s your power hour, a Big Shift Break Through Session.

This is for you if:

…All you want is one powerful push into the next level of success.

…What you crave is to end the current pain.

…It’s your time to shine and you’re ready for the next Big Shift! 

What you’ll experience:

  • A mental or emotional shift
  • Clarity about the situation at hand
  • Relief from the sadness and anxiety 

How it works:

  • Pay $299 and schedule your appointment here: (don’t worry, we’re going for the long haul!)
  • Receive and complete the “Big Shift” document
  • Watch your video training and dial in at the scheduled time, I’ll provide you a private link. 
  • Show up for your call
  • Be ready to face your fear and end your limiting belief through a variety of mind/body/spirit tools that may or may not include EFT Tapping/NLP/journaling/reframing and guided meditations. 
  • We stay on the call until you’re clear.

Break Through Now

  • Your Big Shift is here!

Align your Mind,  Body, and Spirit for a happier, healthier, wealthier, you.


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