The Energy Almanac

Astrological Insights and Reflection Tools for 2019

By the creator of the Magic Makers Planner and Playbook: Tam Veilleux


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Why do I need an Energy Almanac?

  • Learn how astrology can support your days, weeks, months
  • Understand what planets on the move are guiding your time
  • Know which gemstone will support your energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks
  • Realize the underlying vibration of each month and use it to guide decision making and action taking
  • Awaken to the intrinsic energies available to you and plan a better year

What is the Energy Almanac?

  • More than 60 gorgeous pages of wit, wisdom and astrological insight for planning a better year
  • 12 framable reflection tools of hand drawn art for you to use as reminders of the energy at play
  • Insight from an experienced astrologer
  • Information from a practiced gemologist
  • Beauty that’s educational and insightful.
Who is producing the energy almanac?: The mission of Tam Veilleux, owner of Hello Big Sky, is to help you harness the available information found in astrology, numerology, gems, oils and other sources. Her natural skill of capturing the meaning behind words means she can draw what someone says so you, the audience, can see what she means. 

Tam has been doodling and coaching one-on-one and with groups personally and professionally for several years. Her approach to creating change is… well… creative.  Her dynamic approach to teaching means you get a unique, holistic perspective to healing.