“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ~Dale Carnegie

hands and heart
I believe in the power of a well-planned collaboration.

If you are a teacher, healer, event planner, or speaker and you believe in joint ventures, hand holding, group hugs and tackling projects as a team then I want to work with you. You need to know that I make decisions based on my values which means, you should know what I value, what I am passionate about, what I offer (your benefits) & what I am looking for:

My Personal Values:

Freedom , Fun , Laughter , Communication , Creativity , Respect

What I value in a conscious collaboration:

Freedom , Fun , Laughter , Communication , Creativity , Respect

What I am passionate about:

Teaching, Healing, Consciousness, Mindset Management, Writing, Laughing

The benefits to you as a conscious collaborator:

Enthusiasm , Creativity , Optimism, Out of the Box Thinker Creative (& Prolific) Writer/Action-Taker, Marketing Skills, Organizational Skills

I want to work with you if you:

You love to communicate, can keep up a fast pace, appreciate a schedule, can commit

Let’s talk about:

Serving Our Mutual Audiences Well:  Webinars, Guest Blogging, Books, Workshops, Events, Co-Teaching