Strategy + Mindset = Success


The 2nd annual New England Women’s Success Retreat is

Thursday, November 2, 2017 in Freeport, Maine.

Tickets are on sale now!

Move molecules, manifest magic, get strategies and daily practices to remove daily “efforting” in your life.

Join two powerful coaches, The Corporate Unicorns Bambi Thompson– Brain Coach for Anxiety Transformation and Success Acceleration and Tam Veilleux– Quantum Life & Business Coach for the 2nd annual New England Women’s Success Retreat.


  * Direct help for your journey to success… this is a GET IT DONE day

  *  Go home with a plan in place for actualizing your goal

  * A new understanding of the power of aligning with a desire

  * How to start your days with kick a** power

  * Networking for the New Age with like minded people

  *  How to Clarify Your Life-Unleashing Goals

  * How to Activate and Employ the Law of Attraction

Plus EFT tapping sessions, activities, meditations, manifesting, templates, and workbooks!

Get your ticket: Only $125

Up-level everything!

Finish 2017 strategically. Secure your future with a touch of magic.

This unique “get a break-through-in-a-day” retreat will leave you excited, clear of sabotage, reconnected to your power, and leaving motivated and energized by the ENERGY OF SUCCESS.

Topics include:

  • Energy hygiene
  • Dissolving limitations
  • Procrastination
  • Time management
  • and MORE!



Experience the magic of like-minded women gathering with intention to raise themselves up, play a bigger game in life, and do it with sass and class!  

Together we will shift energy, transform limitation, gain clarity, build our skill sets and toolboxes, and step into new ways of being in our lives and in business.

You deserve an injection of confidence and easier access to your infinite possibility!

Strategies + magic = an unstoppable YOU!

Your Investment in Success:  $125

*includes Sangria & Sage Advice Laser Coaching & Cocktail hour

If you are serious about your success, have big dreams, and want to make a bigger impact while enjoying the ride with greater ease and grace –
the Corporate Unicorns Women’s Success Retreat is for you.

 Your time is now and you’re ready for the next step!

Included in your ticket price… only $125!

...includes wine, snacks & laser coaching.

Your schedule for the day includes strategies, tools and techniques in the following areas:

  • VISIONING REVIEW…going over your pre-work (We’ll send this to you ahead of time.)
  • BUSTING THE BS… learn hacks to clear the old stuff out of your way.
  • SPEED SOLUTIONS… intentional networking to grow your contacts in a way that is meaningful.
  • GETTING IT DONE…new ways to organize and get over procrastination
  • ENERGY HYGIENE.., learn how to jumpstart your day in a powerful way with the vibration of success
  • ENERGY MASTERMIND…a powerful manifesting experience
  • INTEGRATION TIME…guided quiet reflection and journaling
  • SANGRIA SOCIAL & SAGE ADVICE… After hours we will mix, mingle and meet other unicorns and receive direct laser coaching about your business.

Meet the Corporate Unicorns

Bambi Thompson, known as the “Mind Whisperer,” is a Brain Coach for Success Acceleration and Anxiety Transformation. Her mission is to help women activate and amplify their energy of success, unleash their confidence, and re-connect to their joy. Her life changing tools bring both power and playfulness back into their life and business so they feel sexy, sassy and successful.

Tam Veilleux, Energy, Mindset and Breakthrough Coach helps high-level women who are working in their passionate purpose get clear and confident so they can get happier, healthier and wealthier… faster. She specializes in fast, fun and easy transformation using a variety of specialized energy techniques including EFT Tapping therapy. 


Corporate Unicorns Women’s Success Retreat 2017

Where strategy meets magic!

Thursday, November 2, 9-4

Registration opens at 8:30

** 4-6 is Sangria and Sage Advice, Laser Coaching Cocktail Hour

Your investment in success: $125

JOIN THE CORPORATE UNICORNS at the 2nd Annual Women’s Success Retreat

No regrets. Email them your interest today to be first on the list for when tickets go on sale.

Space is limited to 50 registrants.

Thursday, November 2 in Freeport, Maine

Event time:  9-6

Sangria & Sage Advice: 4-6

Location: 53 Depot Street, Freeport, Maine

Bring your own lunch. We’ll dine together, network and bond. 


REGISTRATION ENDS October 28, 2017

Women's Success Retreat

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