Strategy + Mindset = Success Summit


The Next New England Women’s Success Retreat is

Friday, November 9, 2018 

Save your seat now!

Join Tam Veilleux– Quantum Life & Business Coach at the 

Next Step Women’s Success Summit.

You Can Expect:

  * Direct help for your journey to success… this is a GET IT DONE day

  *  Go home with a plan in place for actualizing your goal

  * A new understanding of the power of aligning with a desire

  * How to start your days with kick a** power

  * Networking for the New Age with like minded people

  *  How to Clarify Your Life-Unleashing Goals

  * How to Activate and Employ the Law of Attraction

Plus EFT tapping sessions, activities, meditations, manifesting, templates, and workbooks!

Get your ticket: Only $199

Up-level everything!

Finish 2018 strategically. Secure your future with a touch of magic.

This unique “get a break-through-in-a-day” retreat will leave you excited, clear of sabotage, reconnected to your power, and leaving motivated and energized by the ENERGY OF SUCCESS.

Topics include:

Planning for success. Energy medicines.  Dissolving limitations. The Science of Getting Unstuck.  Power Networking. Astro-insights for 2019.

AND… Special guest speaker who will rock your world with her innate understanding and messaging.



Experience the magic of like-minded women gathering with intention to raise themselves up, play a bigger game in life, and do it with sass and class!  

Together we will shift energy, transform limitation, gain clarity, build our skill sets and toolboxes, and step into new ways of being in our lives and in business.

You deserve an injection of confidence and easier access to your infinite possibility!

Strategies + magic = an unstoppable YOU!

Your Investment in the Success Summit:  $199

*includes Laser Coaching & Cocktail hour Q & A

If you are serious about your success, have big dreams, and want to make a bigger impact while enjoying the ride with greater ease and grace –

the Next Step Women’s Success Summit is for you.

If you’re ready for the next step:

ticket price… only $199

...includes wine, snacks & laser coaching.

Your schedule for the day includes strategies, tools and techniques in the following areas:

PLANNING…better manage your goals by improving how you plan.

BUSTING THE BS… learn hacks to clear the old stuff out of your way.

POWER NETWORKING… intentional networking to grow your contacts in a way that is meaningful.

GETTING IT DONE…new ways to organize and get over procrastination

ENERGY HYGIENE.., learn how to jumpstart your day in a powerful way through the vibration of success

ASTRO INSIGHTS FOR 2019…a powerful way to manifest 2019 

INTEGRATION TIME…guided quiet reflection and journaling

SANGRIA SOCIAL & Q & A… After hours mix, mingle and meet other unicorns and receive direct laser coaching 

Meet Tam

Tam Veilleux, Quantum Coach & Creative Creator of the Magic Maker’s Planner + Playbook and the Manifestival helps high-level women who are working in their passionate purpose get clear and confident so they can be happier, healthier and wealthier… faster. She specializes in fast, fun and easy transformation using a variety of specialized energy techniques including EFT Tapping therapy. Her Law of Attraction book for children, Molly Kite, has helped hundreds of kids understand the be, do, have of life. 


Next Step Women’s Success Summit 2018

Where strategy meets magic!

Friday, November 9, 2019

Registration opens at 8:30 am.

** 4-6 is Sangria Social, Q & A, Laser Coaching Cocktail Hour

Your investment in success: $199


No regrets. Email your interest today and be first on the list for when tickets go on sale.

Space is limited.

Friday, November 9, 2018 in Freeport, Maine

Event time:  9am-6 pm

Sangria Social, Q & A, Laser Coaching : 4-6

Location: 53 Depot Street, Freeport, Maine

Bring your own lunch.


REGISTRATION ENDS November 1, 2018

Next Step Women's Success Retreat

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