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Last week in my blog post I told you about the letter I received from Kate who had some very direct questions about the law of attraction.

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Below is the response I sent to my young inquirer.

Those were all great questions Kate. Good for you!


Here are some key components to law of attraction: The very first thing you really need to understand is that everything is energy. That it is all encompassing. Every single thing is energy whether it’s real (a table, a computer, a car) or perceived (your dreams, imagination, words, sounds, thoughts etc). When you fully grasp that everything is energy that moves along an invisible grid (the quantum field) it helps you to better understand  and work with the law of attraction. And know that,

Like attracts like.

As you send out an energetic pattern it moves along the grid toward the closest thing to itself… A similar energetic pattern.

 A second key piece of info is that energy follows thought. Our brains are giant energetic machines constantly throwing out energy based on our thoughts. Our thoughts default to old patterns; our histories. Check your history, I’m sure you’ll find that you mostly remember the harder parts of your childhood, your negative memories. That’s the brain’s way of protecting you, it remembers the tough stuff so that you don’t naturally go back and repeat the pain. It wants you to be safe.

Third key piece is that your unconscious mind (what you termed the subconscious) is the largest part of your energy field. Scientists guess it would be 80% of your thoughts and brain space. You can think of it like this. You blink, but you don’t tell your brain to do that. That’s unconscious work happening on your behalf. You breathe, you don’t think about it. You drive to your workplace and you don’t have to relearn your path every day – the unconscious mind is the part of you that takes over so that you can play with other thoughts during your day.

Now recognize that the unconscious mind stores negative memories at a higher rate than fond memories and now you know what you’re working with-

80% or more of your mind is stuck in fear or some level of fear.

So – this is why resistance plays such a part in law of attraction feeling like it’s not kicked in. Fear and resistance override most other thoughts-even when you are not aware of it. So if you’ve spent weeks trying to create an outcome, you are working against years of built up let-downs and disappointments, so you have a lot of work to do to bust through that. The good news is that once you do, it’s crazy good!

The fact that you want that quarter is an example of resistance. Wanting it is resistance. Your unconscious is  saying “Gee, if I don’t see that quarter than this law of attraction thing is all junk and doesn’t matter. If none of this LOA stuff is real then that means that I never get control over my reality. If I never get to have control over my future reality then I may as well give up now.” See how that happens? All while you’re just thinking consciously “I really hope I get to see that quarter.”

 So what works you’re asking is about


The law of attraction and emotions.

Emotions shape and override our energy and even our neural cellular structure. If you can figure out how to get neutral about the quarter (we’re using the quarter as an example, of course) – then the energy can expand and allow in the experience. If you can figure out how to get genuinely  be excited and expectant about having already found the quarter, BINGO! You’re in the zone.

By the way, meditation is about making space in your cellular structure. As you just sit and breathe, your cells literally expand and allow in new information. That’s why when we zone out in the shower, mowing the lawn, going for a run we get big ideas. We are in such a relaxed state that our minds can now have space for an idea to slip in.

May I ask what methods you have found work well for you to follow the cycle of manifestation? For example, do you simply focus intently on your desires; do you use a vision board; do you write your affirmations? What suggestions do you have for me to incorporate these practices into a busy life?” -Kate

Here’s where the law of attraction rubber meets the road.

Point blank, learn to manage your emotions and then retrain your brain at every level. This means visualize as often as you can. Your brain speaks in pictures. We write and type, yes, and your brain sees these as little symbols. Symbols are pictures with meaning. So do everything you can to “see” your desire as completed. This means spending time in 2-3 minute blocks of time actually creating a daydream with you in it, achieving the desired outcome. Literally see yourself bending over to pick it up the quarter (or whatever) and then watch as you give a little yelp of joy, high five someone and say “YES!” Replay it over and over and over until you feel emotionally attached to that daydream. Repeat often.

Literally write the experience out in great detail. Again, this is symbolism for your brain. The more time you spend with your desire, the more apt it is to happen.

The key is in the emotion you attach to your “seeing” of the completion. Emotions are magnetic.

Vision boards work when you are spending quality time (emotional) with the images. As you cut them out images-4are you feeling how excited you are about having the item? Or, do you walk past the vision board and not think about what it means. Do you stare at it excitedly and with passion for all of it? That’s where the key is – the passion, enthusiasm, love you have for your desired result.  I have made myself cry with joy over daydreams. It’s extremely powerful. It’s no wonder I created a fairy tale wedding day. I manifested the exact farmhouse I dreamed of daily. I manifested the man of my dreams/the relationships of fairy tales. I can’t begin to tell you all of my wins.

  • The key to manifestation is your emotional health. Your emotional health is a trained response from your childhood. Retrain your brain, work on your emotions and magic happens.

“How do I make myself believe this is a reality? I don’t want to expect too much.”

Because of free will, we cannot necessarily draw in the exact person we expect to. We can hope, but again, we’re dealing with energy and if your energy doesn’t match the person who you are desiring, the chances are low that it will pan out. That doesn’t mean it won’t, it means his energy needs to match yours. I would agree that a better way to manifest is to see, write, hear and play with the thoughts of characteristics of the perfect man for you. Don’t give him a name or a face, give him beautiful qualities that match what you need. Be extremely specific.

Are you overly expectant? I’d say you are beautifully and perfectly aligned as a person who wants to grow and Kate, that, above all, is the reason we are on this earth. When a young woman like you starts questioning how to live a life in alignment with her desires, that is a woman who is a leader. You are done living life by default. There is nothing overly expectant about that.

Emotions are the language of the soul, by focusing always on how you feel, in every minute of every day, you will pull in a magical existence.

Lastly, the best way to overcome all of your personal history (and ultimately that’s what all of this is about), I use EFT or “tapping”. It erases, neutralizes and nullifies the collection of stories that are stuck in your cellular structure. When you start addressing the lies that you are telling yourself everything changes. EFT is the best tool available to you right now. Go to www.fastereft.com to start learning how to do it.

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Two months later Kate sent me another letter.

It was a follow up to the previous months. She had done it! Read exactly what happened in my next blog next week.

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